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Best of Andalusia with Villa Pureza - Adventurous Wellness & Fitness Retreats in Spain

Are you looking for a holiday in sunny Spain, combined with wellness and fitness in a beautiful setting, and ever thought about an adventurous retreat, where you can also relax, have fun with likeminded people and explore Andalusia? Then Villa Pureza might be just the thing for you!

Barranca Blanco group hike, Andalusia Spain
Barranco Blanco hike with our fun Villa Pureza group

This wellness and sports retreat center is located in the lovely town Mijas, in the south of Spain. I just experienced my first ever retreat there, which was surprisingly luxurious, fun and relaxing.

Villa Pureza offers different types of retreats that cater to your needs and preferences. You can choose from Wellness & Fitness, Body, Mind & Soul, or retreats on demand.

Previous Villa Pureza private villa Mijas, Spain
Old Villa Pureza private villa from above

How to explore Andalusia with Villa Pureza - Wellness & Fitness retreats in Spain

Each retreat has a unique program that combines mental and physical activities, relaxation, fun, and exploration. You will stay with a group of people, max 12, in a private villa with several pools, for 4 - 6 nights, depending on the retreat. And can either choose to share a room, to reduce costs, or have a private room.

Andalusia Villa Pureza room view - Wellness retreats Spain
View from my room balcony over Mijas
Our Villa Pureza retreat group Andalusia, Spain
Our Villa Pureza retreat group

During the retreat you will be spoiled to the max by the Villa Pureza team, that provides return transfers to the airport and is super friendly & relaxed. 3 delicious, yet healthy meals a day will be prepared for you by private chef Sam, served in a group setting, mostly at the villa with direct countryside- and sea views. Or as a picnic during activities.

Get a taste of all the delicious food & stunning table settings we experienced during our retreat, in this gallery. Don't forget to swipe:

Villa Pureza offers different retreats to choose from throughout the year, usually also guided by a personal trainer or yogi.

Different retreat themes

I joined the retreat of personal trainer Jolijn, who hosted this retreat together with Villa Pureza and created a great balance between yoga, adventurous activities, relaxation and fitness. During this Wellness & Fitness retreat we had access to coaching sessions, massages and activities such as bootcamp, canyoning, hiking, supping, or cycling.

Canyoning at Bahavis - Andalusia, Spain
Canyoning at Bahavis - Andalusia, Spain

In the Body, Mind & Soul retreat the theme is focused on finding harmony between your body, mind and soul. You will have personal attention and guidance from the Villa Pureza team, who will help you work on different aspects, such as where you are now, where you want to go, etc, guided by a life coach.

Chilling @Villa Pureza - Andalucia - Spain

In retreats on demand, you can customize your own retreat according to your wishes and goals. You can choose from a variety, such as workations, business retreats, friends retreats, yoga retreats, wine & food retreats, family constellations, and Ayurvedic retreats.

Benefits of booking a Villa Pureza retreat

No matter which retreat you choose, you will stay in a luxurious villa with sea view, enjoy delicious and nutritious meals, have access to 3 cars during the retreat and benefit from daily cleaning of the rooms and even a laundry service!

Villa Pureza also takes care of your flight tickets, transfers, activities and so much more, providing an all-inclusive service.

Breakfast @Villa Pureza - Andalucia - Spain

Although they just moved into an even bigger, more beautiful villa in Mijas, than the one I stayed at, the concept is still the same and highly recommended!

Do check the website of Villa Pureza for all info about the new villa and the retreat dates (with €200 discount on bookings made before 1 July)!

Start June was my first retreat experience with them and it certainly did not disappoint! We had a very nice and diverse group and it was perfect to relax, focus on my body, meet lovely people and discover Andalusia at the same time.

Smoothie @Villa Pureza - Andalucia - Spain

We saw so much, because even though you can stay at the villa to relax, and have massages and yoga sessions there, they also organize a multitude of optional activities.

This way you can also see a lot of Andalusia. I did a hike to the falls of Barranco Blanco, went canyoning in Bahavis and did yoga on the beach, incl.a beach day near Mijas.

Get an impression through this gallery:

And you could also do early morning hikes, daily yoga and workouts at the villa, a bootcamp in the olive fields and go SUP-ping. All that in only 6 days!

In my opinion the best way to explore this lovely region of Southern Spain with like-minded people.

Andalusia: A region of history, culture & nature

Andalusia is the most populous and the second-largest autonomous community of the country, full of historic sites and natural beauty.

It was home to many civilizations, such as the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Berbers and the Arabs among others. It was also the birthplace of famous figures such as Pablo Picasso and Federico García Lorca.

Nature views around Caminito del Rey - Andalucia - Spain

It has a varied landscape, ranging from the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the sandy beaches of the Costa del Sol.

Andalusia has many natural parks and reserves, but also cultural and historical attractions, such as the Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita in Cordoba, the Alcazar in Seville and the Alcazaba in Malaga.

Beach day Costa del Sol - Andalucia - Spain

This region is known for its gastronomy, music and festivals. It's the home of tapas, sherry wine, gazpacho soup and paella. It is also the cradle of flamenco music and dance. And is famous for its many celebrations, so there is always much to do in Andalusia.

Nature reserve around Caminito del Rey - Andalucia - Spain

We also went on a day tour to El Caminito del Rey, which was included in the retreat, and a big highlight to me! An absolute must when visiting this region!

Caminito del Rey: A thrilling hike along a historic path

This spectacular hike, also known as the King’s Pathway, follows a historic path that runs through the Gaitanes Gorge in the province of Malaga. It's about 8 kilometers long and consists of wooden walkways, bridges and tunnels that cling to the cliffs at heights of up to 100 meters above the river.

The Kings Pathway - Andalucia - Spain
Hiking the Caminito del Rey - Andalucia - Spain

The path was built between 1901 and 1905 to connect two hydroelectric power plants at the Chorro Falls and the Gaitanejo Falls. It was named after King Alfonso XIII, who crossed it in 1921 to inaugurate the Conde de Guadalhorce Dam. It was used by workers and locals until it fell into disrepair and decay.

el Caminito del Rey old bridge - Andalucia - Spain

In 1992, the path was closed to the public due to safety reasons. Several accidents and deaths occurred here, which earned it the reputation of the most dangerous hike in Spain. However, some adventurous hikers still ventured onto the path illegally, risking fines and their lives. In 2014, a restoration project began to make it safe and accessible for visitors again. The new path was opened in 2015 and has since become one of the most popular attractions in Andalusia.

It preserved some sections of the old path as a reminder of its history and challenge.

El Caminito del Rey trail - Andalucia - Spain
El Caminito del Rey hike - Andalucia - Spain

To walk the Caminito del Rey, you need to book your ticket online in advance, as there is a limited capacity of visitors per day. You also need to wear a charming helmet, which is provided at the entrance😅

The hike takes about 3 to 4 hours and is suitable for anyone with a moderate level of fitness and no fear of heights. The Caminito del Rey path offers you stunning views of the gorge, the river, the dams and the mountains. You can also learn about the history and engineering of the walkway and the power plants.

It was quite a thrilling experience to hike this narrow path suspended above a deep abyss, with these views all around!

And you can easily explore the lovely town Mijas as well. As it’s very near the villa and there are 3 cars available for exploring on your own.

Mijas: A charming whitewashed village

Mijas is one of the cutest hillside villages of Spain, looking out over the Mediterranean Sea. It has a long history dating back to prehistoric times. Eventually it was conquered by the Christians in 1487 and became part of Andalusia.

Tapas in Mijas - Andalucia - Spain

Mijas has a picturesque and traditional atmosphere, with many whitewashed houses with flower pots and balconies. And narrow streets and alleys that lead to hidden corners and squares. Here you will also find several churches and many shops and restaurants offering local products and cuisine.

Villa Pureza: More than just Wellness & Fitness Retreats in Andalusia - Spain

Villa Pureza is located just outside Mijas, in a private location on the hillside and I found it much more than just a retreat center. It’s a place where you can connect with yourself and others in a down-to-earth manner. A place where you can really experience authenticity and connection, in style.

Andalusia Villa Pureza - Wellness retreats

I felt very welcome and at home and to me it truly was the epitome of authentic chic!

The design of the house, the setting, the décor and decoration of everything is so classy and well thought-out, that you truly see the love in every detail!

They deliver a 5 star service with delicious and healthy gastronomy. Nothing is too much for them to make you feel at ease.

I loved my 1 week stay here very much and found a great connection with the other participants and the Villa Pureza team, without pressure or obligations.

Mijas playa - Costa del Sol - Spain

If you also want to discover the stunning Andalusia region, combined with well-being, relaxation and connection with great people in a gorgeous setting, without too much fuss, then the retreats of Villa Pureza are perfect for you!

If you want to know more about this stunning region of Spain do check my next blog about the Costa del Sol. And for even more inspiration keep an eye out for the pictures and videos of this region and retreat on my Facebook & Instagram account.

Did you visit Southern Spain already? And if not would you like to explore Andalusia with Villa Pureza - Wellness & Fitness retreats in Spain?

Always love to hear from you via the comments or social media.


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