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Exploring Luxembourg Country - 9 Enchanting Castles

Luxembourg, a small yet very diverse country in the heart of Europe, holds a special place on the map and in my heart, for various reasons, among which its many enchanting castles. Despite its modest size, Luxembourg offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Located right between Belgium, France, and Germany, Luxembourg's strategic location has shaped its rich history and cultural diversity. The country is renowned for its medieval castles, earning it the nickname the 'Gibraltar of the North'.

In my opinion these castles, each with their own story and architectural charm, highly contribute to Luxembourg's allure.

Useldange castle & town - Luxembourg
Useldange castle & town

Luxembourg Unesco city of contrasts


This country seamlessly blends the old with the new, its capital, Luxembourg city, is a historic Unesco-listed town with cobblestone streets, medieval fortifications, and stunning architecture. About which you can read more in this Luxembourg city blog.

The city's modern skyline, dominated by the European institutions, provides a striking contrast, symbolizing Luxembourg's role as a global financial hub.

Clervaux castle & town - Luxembourg
Clervaux castle & town

Luxembourg country’s diversity


What makes Luxembourg truly special is its commitment to preserving its natural beauty. With the Mullerthal region, often referred to as 'Little Switzerland', offering easy to challenging hikes leading you through rocky landscapes, charming streams, and winding trails.

But let's talk about Luxembourg's impressive collection of castles, one of my favourite features of this country. Because, despite its size, Luxembourg has over 100 castles, making it perfect for heritage enthusiasts like me. Each fortress tells its own tale of Luxembourg's history, from medieval strongholds to grand residences.

Chateau de Wiltz - Luxembourg
Chateau de Wiltz

Exploring Luxembourg Country - 9 Enchanting Castles


In this blog I will show you 9 of my favourite castles, located throughout Luxembourg, all visited myself, visualized through many of my own pictures:

1. Chateau d'Urspelt Hotel & Spa


Amidst the picturesque landscape of northern Luxembourg, Chateau d'Urspelt is not just a castle from the 18th century; it's a luxurious retreat that perfectly blends history, elegance and modern comfort.

Here you can experience the grandeur of the past while enjoying all the facilities and amenities you can expect from a 4 star hotel.

The rooms are stylish, adorned with elegant furnishings and charming details, like the classic bathtub. And provide all the comfort you need with beautiful courtyard views.

Chateau d’Urspelt’s restaurant & culinary package


For culinary enthusiasts, the hotel’s restaurant offers a gastronomic experience with a touch of sophistication. The finest local ingredients are used for unique dishes that are presented in style in the elegant setting of this historic building.

We found that the restaurant's ambiance, combined with the staff’s friendly service, created a unique dining experience that complemented the castle's historic allure!

Get an impression through this gallery:

By booking one of the hotel’s special packages you can combine your stay with high-end gastronomic 2 or 3 course dinners, with wine-pairing, at the chateau’s restaurant for several nights. This way you will not have to leave the hotel at all!


NUXE Spa & Wellness


And to ensure complete relaxation, Chateau d'Urspelt also offers the NUXE Spa. With 5 treatment rooms, a gym, large whirlpool, 2 sauna’s, hammams and extensive ‘Red Cavern’ pool, which make this wellness area unique and the ideal place to unwind.

Open all year, from 10 am - 7 pm, freely accessible when booking a treatment, or in the combination package with an overnight stay. Here you can pamper yourself in a historic setting that perfectly blends modern luxury with the authentic charm of this classy manor.

Find all details on Chateau d’Urspelt’s website


2. Erpeldange Castle


This hidden gem is still quite unknown since it’s located in a small town in the northeast, not opened to the public. Since 1987 the building houses the community’s administrative offices, with the grounds being accessible, however not as exciting as it looks.

As a real castle lover I do adore a pink castle though, and after a quick Google search I knew I had to visit. Not for its history, dating back to the 13th century, but admittedly mostly for its Instagrammable outlook.


3. Ansembourg Castle


In a small town just a 20 minute drive north of Luxembourg city, this medieval castle is part of the valley of the 7 castles, and forms a living testament to Luxembourg's cultural heritage.

It's currently the private residence of the count and countess of Ansembourg and therefore only the gardens are open to the public. However it is possible to visit the interior during events and guided tours on special occasions.

The stunning gardens, dating back to 1750, are open year round, and are not only adorned with statues, stairs, and decorative fountains, but also nurture a curated collection of roses and other rare plants. Adding a botanical charm to this historic site, as you can see in these pictures:


4. Useldange Castle


This 12th century fortress, towering over the village center of Useldange, in western Luxembourg, is unfortunately mainly in ruins. The castle’s keep and 1 of the round towers still stand proud as a medieval relic, with part of the castle wall and the bridge over the former moat also still intact.

It’s freely accessible year round, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. The site also hosts occasional events and exhibits, bringing the ruins to life with cultural experiences.

When we visited start December they were setting up the Christmas market, which must be magical in this ancient setting.


5. Bourscheid Castle


One of the oldest and the largest castle of Luxembourg, Bourscheid is said to date back all the way to the year 1,000, with archaeological remnants of Roman times.

With its total of 11 towers and unique hilltop location, 150 meters above the Sûre river, Bourscheid is a formidable sight!

The fortress was extended during the 14th and 15th centuries when the fortress wall and 6 Gothic towers were added, contributing to its architectural magnificence.

Although it’s still mainly an open-air ruin, the castle is open to visitors all year for a small fee, with an audio tour available in several languages.

The entrance is however free of charge with the LuxembourgCard, which can be used for several cultural sites, in- and outside Luxembourg city.

The card can be purchased online in advance for just €13 p.p.per day. Find all sites and discounts included on the website of Visit Luxembourg.

This was certainly one of our favourites due to its impressive structure and historical significance. And besides that, the castle grounds and towers provide a great vantage point for breathtaking views of the river and surrounding landscapes, as you can see in my pictures.


6. Chateau de Clervaux


This classy white castle is not only home to 'The Family of Man' photo exhibition, but also the centerpiece of the charming village Clervaux, located just opposite to the imposing church.

This world-famous exhibit has received over 10 million visitors till date, and is renowned for its history of photography. It has been included on the Unesco World Documentary Heritage list since 2003 and can also be visited for free with the LuxembourgCard.

The town itself is however also very quaint and uniquely decorated through the Cité de l’Image initiative. Turning a relaxing stroll into an open-air gallery, with changing exhibitions and artworks displayed throughout town.

7. Chateau de Wiltz


Within the walls of this Renaissance castle you can explore the National Brewing Art Museum and the Museum of the Battle of the Bulge, for free with the LuxembourgCard. It also houses the tourist information office of Wiltz.

The castle's surroundings offer wide forests in the beautiful Éislek region, which are lovely to explore as well and provide a peaceful contrast to the impressive historical experiences inside the castle. And the picturesque village and nearby Jardin de Wiltz should be stunning too. 

8. Vianden Castle


Having explored Vianden Castle last year, about which you can read more in this Luxembourg road trip blog, I was struck by its well-preserved medieval architecture already, however only visited the exterior.

The castle’s interior should also be worth a visit, offering a museum that showcases artifacts and historical exhibits, that make the past come alive within its ancient walls.

This impressive castle is located in the north, positioned on a hill at 310 meters height, towering over Vianden town. It’s one of the biggest castles of the country and the location of many medieval festivals in Luxembourg.


9. Beaufort Castles


Comprising not one, but two castles, Beaufort offers a double dose of architectural splendor and heritage.

The first castle: Beaufort Haut, dates back to the 11th century. With its medieval charm and well-preserved ruins, this fortress is quite impressive and has a dramatic rugged outlook. 

Adjacent to Beaufort Haut is the second castle: Beaufort Bas, a more recent addition from the 17th century. Characterized by elegant Renaissance architecture, Beaufort Bas provides a fascinating contrast. The castle’s interior and restored rooms can be visited through guided tours for a small fee.

Both are situated amidst the lush greenery of the Mullerthal region, connected by a walking trail, allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding these historic landmarks at the same time.

Bourscheid Castle - Luxembourg
Bourscheid Castle

To me, the castles of Luxembourg are like time machines, transporting you back in time with each step. With their beautiful gardens, historic architecture, impressive towers, lovely museums and exhibitions, each castle is unique and interesting.

Luxembourg's charm truly lies in its big variation of experiences offered within a compact space, in my opinion at least:) Whether you're into exploring enchanting castles, wandering through ancient villages, or surrounding yourself with the tranquility of nature, Luxembourg has it all!

Luxembourg is easy to reach and explore in just a few days, located centrally in Europe.

Find all my other Luxembourg tips and even more inspiration for your own trip on this Luxembourg page.


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