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Yes another travel blog

Another travel blog, why?

Because I love to travel, explore the world and look for authenticity in all places I visit. 34 countries visited so far and still counting!

People often ask me advice on where to go and what to do there. As I like to help others and love to share my own pictures and inspirations from my travels I decided to share it with the world and all like minded explorers. I always give my honest opinion and real tips based on genuine experiences, from which I hope you can benefit!

Even though I love comfort, style and luxury I try to do it in an authentic way, with curiosity for the country I am visiting. I always try to keep this balance and love to explore and soak in the authenticity of my destination.

Find out about my tips on how to find the perfect traveling combination of authentic chicness.

Who am I?: Naomi, a traveler, wanderer and explorer from the Netherlands, with a special love for authenticity, while traveling chic. With a passion for travel, a lust for exploring, heart for holidays and an eye for beautiful things.

You can read more about me and the freelance PR & Marketing services I offer on the pages: About and Work With Me

To connect, collaborate or get in touch with me for travel tips or anything travel related feel free to contact me by mail at:

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