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Top posts & pics – 1 year anniversary Authentic Chica

It’s a small milestone for me, because this week, exactly 1 year ago I started my blog and social media accounts, so that calls for a celebration, right?!

I may still be a small fish in the big pool that’s called the internet and social media, but I am happy to see that I am steadily growing, meeting and inspiring more and more likeminded people and can help others with travel, hotel and social media tips. Also I have done many great collaborations already the past year and am having lots of fun.

Those are exactly the reasons why I built this website and started my separate travel accounts for Authentic Chica on social media 1 year ago, so yay for that!

As the analytics addict that I am I check my stats and figures almost every day and love to see growth and compare what’s working and what’s not. So naturally I was curious to see which posts on my website have been read the most, which turned out to be an interesting list.

Just for fun I rounded up my top 10, and in short it seems that you guys like my blog posts about my own country, Thailand, iconic cities and about me, Instagram and my favourite hotels the most…Who could have guessed, but great taste!:)

Click on below links to check my top 10 yourself and really curious to hear if you agree…

1. Beauty of Holland – see more of my own beautiful country in this picture blog.

2. Countries – do you already know which 31 countries I visited so far?

3. The Positive Power of Instagram – find out what social media did for me, how it can work for you, and who my favourite follows are.

4. Top 10 European cities to visit – check my favourite cities on this continent with many pics and reasons why and what to do there.

5. A classy cultural weekend at Bilderberg Hotels Amsterdam – my latest blog post about the most unique boutique and luxury hotels in Amsterdam.

6. Yes, another travel blog! – my first post ever about me and why I started this website.

7. Phuket and Phi Phi’s hotspots and things to do – all about my favourite things to do, see and where to stay in Thailand from my most recent visit in May last year.

8. Top 3 design hotels of Hamburg – 3 must visit hotels in this beautiful city for every design lover, and many reasons and pictures to show you why.

9. Top 10 hotels around the world – my hotel top 10 from low budget to luxury, based on personal experiences only and selected from the 150 accommodations I stayed in so far!

10. Dubai city of skyscrapers – read all about where to go, what to do and where to stay in Dubai, based on my experiences from my visit to this amazing metro pole last year.

My anniversary is not complete when I don’t mention my social media top 10 as well though. I have several social media accounts for Authentic Chica to complement my blog, for instance you can already find me on:

But as you could have read in my previous blog post the Positive Power of Instagram, IG is my favourite platform of choice! As I am on there every day and focus most on Instagram I was very curious to see which pictures have been liked the most. I was happy to see the following top 10, rounded up below from 1 to 10.

Do click on to my Instagram account and choose follow, double tap and comment if you like my daily pictures and inspiration!

Also with this top 10 I am really curious if you agree, do let me know in the comments below or find me on social media, I would love to get connected!

If you need any more travel tips or want to ask me anything travel related feel free to contact me by mail at:

Or get social with me on: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Bloglovin and Stumbleupon.

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