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Travel light, comfortable & stylish with KameleonRose – the ultimate travel dress

Do you think looking fashionable and stylish can be combined with feeling comfortable, dressing practical and packing light at the same time? It saddens me to say that I see so many people during my travels who look and dress practical, lacking any style or sense of fashion! Don’t get me wrong I love wearing flipflops and sneakers because they are so comfortable, I almost don’t accessorize at all during my trips, and hate those itchy clothes and tight dresses that limit my movement and make me feel sweaty. But that doesn’t mean I have to wear cargo pants and wide shirts either, right?

I love flowy skirts, tops, poncho’s and practical dresses which are comfortable while hiking and exploring, and still make me feel feminine and stylish along the way.As you might know I have worked in fashion for many years so I always had enough clothing!

As fashion and travel are my 2 biggest passions it has always been a challenge to combine these 2 and still pack light. You might recognize the fact that when you’re going on a trip it’s simply impossible to choose between outfits and stay under the suitcase weight limit….That happens to me all the time!

Especially when I’m going on a weekend or mid-week trip it’s so much nicer when I can take my carry-on, which doesn’t have to be checked in, but can only hold so many outfits..

But I’m happy to tell you I found a solution for this, which I simply must share with you. It’s called: The Kameleon convertible dress of KameleonRose!

Kameleon Rose convertible travel dress

When I was surfing the web a few weeks ago I saw this amazing dress, bat wing top and flared skirt which turned out to be just 1 item, all in one!

See how it works here:

I found out that it was called: ‘the Kameleon’ because of it’s versatility, and is actually perfect for fervent travelers like me who are practical, but still want to look stylish on the way!

They call it the ultimate travel dress, and I can only agree with that after wearing it on my last trip. I found it comfortable, practical and really versatile.

The award winning patented design can be worn as 20 different outfits, as you can see here below worn by me and one of my friends in our favourite ways:

  • I love to wear it as a classic or halter dress,

  • You can wear it as a batwing top the way beautiful Ari is rocking it

  • Or as a long flared skirt, as I am wearing it here:

Next to this I was able to convert it into at least 3 different types of dresses, 5 different tops, a poncho and many more outfits, by adjusting the buttons.

This dress designed by fervent traveler and stylish travel sista Leila Rose has many unique features. What I liked most about this item is that it’s:

  • Convertible,

  • Easy to pack,

  • Feels very comfortable,

  • Dries quickly,

  • Doesn’t crease,

  • And is sustainable

It’s produced in Madagascar and made of a comfortable smooth jersey consisting of 95% polyester and 5% elastane for additional stretch comfort.

And as it’s actually designed especially for travelers it includes a secret zipped secure travel pocket and integrated elastic compression band to roll it up and pack into your carry-on or backpack easily.

It comes in 4 different colors at the moment and costs €75! Unbelievable price for 20 different outfits all in one right?

You can check and order your own favourites here:

For more daily pics of my upcoming travels and to see which comfortable, yet stylish outfits I wear along the way, you can follow me on social media as well:

What do you think of this style, isn’t it just every stylish travelers dream?

And what do you prefer wearing during your travels?

Very curious to hear your experiences and opinion about this new style! Just leave a comment below…

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