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Lesvos’ top 10 towns, villages, cultural sights & hotspots

In my previous Beauty of Lesvos blog I already showed you the beauty and authenticity of the island through many pictures. But as Lesvos is so diverse and full of charming towns, authentic sights and stylish hotspots I will tell you more about these in this blog.

I visited this large and verdant island in May, which is a great month to go there as everything is in full bloom, the weather is warm but soft, perfect for exploring, and it’s still quiet.

Lesvos is the 3rd largest island of Greece, located in the far east of the Aegean sea and facing the coast of Turkey. What makes it so special is that it’s still virtually unaffected by the mass tourism you might find on other Greek islands and is very fertile and green, with 2 big mountains and several hot springs.

Also called the ‘Emerald Island’, because of its variety of flora and 11 million olive trees covering 40% of the island. A big contrast opposed to its merely 90 thousand inhabitants.

We have visited many towns, villages and sights here during our 5 day road trip and if you like exploring, beautiful beaches, stunning nature views, architecture and heritage, this is certainly THE island for you as well!

As you might know I never use stock pictures and during our 5 day trip I took about 700 pictures, of which more than half really worth sharing:)

I narrowed it down to pics of my favourite places which I will show you through this top 10 list based on authenticity and chicness:

1. Molyvos town

A picturesque town where we stayed for the biggest part of our trip. Although touristy it is still authentic and just wandering around the alleys with souvenir- and local product shops is a pure delight. Here you will find many great tavernas with stunning views.

2. Molyvos castle

Molyvos is built around a medieval castle, dating back from the Byzantine period. Wonderfully lit at night, rugged and authentic, overgrown with flowers, and beautiful to explore. And enjoy the stunning views over the town towards the harbour from up there.

3. Skala of Sykamnia

A scenic harbor village with quaint taverna’s renowned for their fresh fish and terraces by the water. Walk around here to discover cute shops, flowery courtyards and climb up the small church for beautiful views over this photogenic little harbour town.

4. Agiasos

One of the cutest villages I have visited in a while. The cobble stoned streets are overgrown with wine ranks and lined with picturesque souvenir shops, bakeries and authentic cafés with atmospheric terraces. Here a visit to a traditional coffee shop called Kafeneio for a coffee or tea with local herbs is a must!

The Church of Panagia and the Cultural Centre of the village, established in 1894, are also unique and can not be missed.

5. (Skala of) Eressos

A popular town located on the west part of the island with a long sandy beach and a famous destination for lesbian women from all over the world.

This town has a multitude of great restaurants by the sea and various hip beach clubs like the colorful and very photogenic Cocktail Bar Parasol!

6. Petra

A traditional village with also a long sandy beach and so many quaint streets and terraces. The biggest attraction here is the Holy Temple of Panagia, with its 114 steps leading up to the temple which is towering over the village at 40 meters height, and offers stunning views over the bay.

7. Sigri & Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum of Lesvos’ Petrified Forest including its Park is the sole attraction of this cute little village with traditional wind mill.

The history of the petrified trees is fascinating and the park and town are well worth a wander.

8. Plomari & Ouzo Museums

A small village famous for the ouzo distilling industry. Visit ‘the World of Ouzo’ museum to witness the production procedure and sample the end result along with tasty Greek mezze.

Plomari village with its mazy streets is quiet, pretty and perfect for exploring and having some drinks at one of the many cute café’s on the quaint boulevard with direct sea views.

9. Monastery of Ypsilos

Driving from Sigri even further to the barren west side of the island the views over the rugged landscapes become even more tranquil and impressive. I can certainly recommend driving all the way up to the Monastery of Ypsilos, located on a 500 meters high mountain. This building dates back to the 12th century and offers panoramic views over the west part of Lesvos.

10. Mytilini

The capital of the island, busy and vibrant and also the arrival point of your visit. Although there is plenty to see and do here this city was a bit too touristy for my taste and therefore it’s at the bottom of my favourites list, although it’s still well worth a visit.

I experienced Lesvos as a pure and authentic island with a sense of style and finesse which makes it feel chic, and perfect if you want to experience the real Greece!

Here the food is still affordable, the historic, cultural sights and museums are abundant, the towns are quaint, and hotels of every class and category are well represented. You will find scenic harbors with cafés and sea food restaurants everywhere and will meet some of the warmest, friendliest people in all of Greece.

I hope I was able to convey this through my pictures and top 10. For more Greek inspiration check my previous blog or Greece blog page.

We stayed in Molyvos for the biggest part of our trip and another great hotel I can recommend here is: Aphrodite Hotel.

For the best sunset dinners and great local food make sure to visit: Taverna Vafios just outside Molyvos.

Have I stimulated you to visit this wonderful island or have you been to Lesvos already? If so what did you think of this island opposed to other destinations in Greece?

Always happy to hear from you in the comments or find me on social media, where I post daily pics, direct links below.

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