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10 Favourite affordable summer hats under €30

What do you think of hats and do you wear them a lot, or only in summer time? I wear hats all the time and think they are perfect for almost every occasion! In summer to keep my face and ears from burning and provide shade when the sun is shining brightly. In autumn to shelter me from the wind and rain, which is well represented in Dutch autumns. And in winter time to keep my ears and head warm.

I have been wearing hats for about 18 years already and started buying them on holidays, as a souvenir and to wear to the beach. As I worked in fashion, loved vintage stuff and liked to dress for the occasion, a hat was always the perfect accessory for me!

Even though it's fashionable to wear hats again lately I have been wearing them for many years despite fashion trends. And saved many hats from decades ago bought in different countries during my travels, so many of them hold wonderful memories for me.

Until the late 60’s everyone used to wear hats and hat wear was actually an indicator of social status. In the old days you could never leave your house without any form of hat wear or you would be presumed sloppy.

I decided to honour this tradition and wear hats on many occasions, mostly during my travels, as you can see in the pics on this website and my social media accounts.

Despite the fact that I still have many older hats I also buy new ones every year and in different countries. Most people think that hats are expensive, and of course felt and woolen hats generally cost more than straw ones, but a beautiful timeless hat is a good investment.

In this blog I will to show you that it is possible to find affordable, yet fashionable hats online with my top 10 hat picks for this summer, all under €30!:

Hat #1 Zara €29,95, Hat #2 Zara €17,95, Hat #3 River Island €25, Hat #4 River Island €25, Hat #5 River Island €25, Hat #6 Pieces via Asos €24, Hat #7 Asos €22, Hat #8 Asos €20, Hat #9 Hatshop €25 and Hat #10 Hatshop €15.

The last 2 hats are from a Dutch hat wear site: but they deliver throughout Europe via:

Although this was my summer top 10 I adore felt hats as well and have many timeless models which I cherish and wear in summer time too. Here is one of my favourites which I wear a lot and bought on as well:

A hat like this is certainly a good investment if you love hats, therefore see below my 2 favourite timeless models at the moment, which are a bit more expensive as they are made of wool and felt, but are still affordable and you can buy right now:

Hat #1 Asos €40 and Hat #2 €39,95

Have I convinced you that I love hats?! I own about 30 different models and this amount keeps growing every year:)

See below where all of these hats have been the past years.

Take a trip around the world with me and my traveling hats:

What do you think of my favourite hats, what's your favourite and do you wear and have many hats yourself?

Always happy to hear from you in the comments or find me on social media, where I post daily pics, direct links below.

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