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10 Chic Summer Dresses under €60

If you're following me on social media or read my previous blogs about the Maldives you have seen me wear a lot of dresses already. I just love fashion and dressing up, and especially in summer dresses and long skirts are my wardrobe of choice. Why? Because they are comfortable, flowy and make me look feminine and chic.

As I am already a bit older I feel like shorts or miniskirts don’t suit me anymore and I don’t like to dress too sexy, especially while visiting Muslim countries like the Maldives.

Next to that I think that long dresses are very photogenic and always brighten up the picture, which is quite convenient as I like to use them for social media as well, to make my gallery just a little more interesting.

When I watch the Netflix series Reign, which is one of my favourites at the moment, I get so inspired! Have you seen the dresses that Mary and her friends are wearing each episode? One even prettier as the other and all detailed and in different colors, making them look divine, and appealing to my feminine heart!

But what makes a good dress?

For me the right dress needs to be long, yet flowy, with a split or ruffles at the bottom, for that special something and twirling effect in pictures. And should be either all white, have a subtle or big flowery print or a bright color that makes me look my best and matches my complexion.

I still have many dresses from years before, as I never throw away a beautiful dress. And as I have been working in fashion for many years I have accumulated quite some different ones of my favourite brands and online shops.

In this blog I am wearing dresses of the brands: Kalita, Ana Alcazar, Vanilia, Zara, Lesara and Asos, some more expensive than others but all special to me and comfortable.

As I have received many questions about where I buy my dresses and want to show you that it is possible to find affordable yet fashionable dresses for the summer, I lined up my top 10 picks, which are still available online right now, all under €60!

And no, this is not a sponsored or affiliate blog, therefore I will just state the brands and prices, so you can find them yourself online:)

This 1st maxi dress below I have been wearing in the Maldives a lot and is very comfortable and affordable. The German brand Lesara has so many nice dresses all available for around €20 on several web shops. This one only costs €19.95:

These 4 dresses are from different webshops and vary in price from €19.95 to 59.95, from top left to bottom right:

#2 top left Zara €59.95

#3 top right Asos €37.84

#4 bottom left Lesara €19.95

#5 bottom right Lesara €24.95

These 4 dresses are from different brands and range from €19.95 to 49.95, from top left to bottom right:

#6 top left Lesara €19.95

#7 top right Asos €47.30

#8 bottom left Asos €40.54

#9 bottom right Zara €49.95

And this last rainbow dress from Asos is definitely one of my favourites, I have received many reactions on it from my followers, as they seem to like it very much as well. It is colorful, classy, flowy, unique yet affordable for only €43.24.

What do you think of my 10 picks, which one is your favourite and do you wear and have many maxi dresses yourself?

Always happy to hear from you in the comments below or find me on social media, where I post daily pics, direct links via the icons at the bottom of this page.

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