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Top 10 Curaçao Restaurants & Foodie Hotspots + 5 local bonus spots

Curaçao's diverse culinary landscape took me on a journey of flavors, from authentic restaurants with local dishes, to trendy spots with more international influences, resulting in this top 10 Curaçao restaurants & foodie hotspots.

In my previous blog you can read all about my 2nd visit to this diverse Caribbean island, after an interval of 23 years, and how I explored it for 8 wonderful days.

In this blog I curated a list of 10 authentic restaurants, based on nice food and a great setting. Nearly all tried and tested by myself on this trip, and some recommended to me.

And as a bonus I also included an additional 5 foodie hotspots, highly recommended to me by locals and friends!

Find all of them in my custom Google map and read more about each of these foodie hotpots in detail, with many of my own pictures, further on in this blog:

But first, what is typical for the Curaçao kitchen?


This island's local cuisine is a tasty fusion of diverse influences, reflecting the island's rich history and cultural heritage. A blend of African, European, and Caribbean flavors, Curaçao offers something for everyone.

Dishes often include fresh seafood, given the island's location in the Caribbean Sea. And dishes like karni stoba: a hearty beef stew, and kabritu: goat meat stew, showcase the islanders' mastery in slow-cooking.

They often add spices like cumin, coriander, and allspice, creating a unique and very tasty combination of flavors.

Funchi and rice are the most common sides for local dishes on Curaçao. And although funchi fries are sometimes also available as a snack or side dish, traditional funchi is similar to mashed potato or polenta and is made from corn meal mush😊 

Often served with onions, pepper sauce and other savory additions.

Local Caribbean favourites


Most local favorites also make use of indigenous ingredients, like aloe vera, cactus, and iguana, adding a distinctive Curaçaoan touch.

The influence of Dutch colonization is evident in dishes like keshi yena, one of my favourites, a unique creation where a Edam or Gouda cheese is stuffed with spiced meat, raisins, and local ingredients.

Fresh fruits like papaya, mango, and passion fruit are used a lot as well, both in side dishes or as ingredients in stews and in refreshing beverages.

Fresh smoothies are often sold from local foodtrucks on locations throughout the island, just along the road, by the beach or in the city center. Often they also sell cakes, pastechi's and other delicious sandwiches.

My Top 10 Curaçao Restaurants & Foodie Hotspots (in order of location, from Willemstad to the northwest):

1. Plasa Bieu

Location: Punda - Willemstad

This 'Old Market' is a buzzing food hall in the Punda neighborhood of Willemstad, where locals and visitors gather for a variety of local dishes.

There are about 15 local restaurants to choose from, with an open kitchen. Offering affordable local dishes like karni stoba and kadushi (cactus soup) for an authentic taste of Curaçao.

Or go for the red snapper with funchi and delicious pumpkin pancakes, like I did at Zus di Plaza.

2. Rustiq

Location: Kura Hulanda - Otrabanda, Willemstad

Kura Hulanda is thé place for stylish shopping and a lovely setting, both at day and night. This little village in Otrabanda has souvenir and clothing shops, as well as restaurants and a museum.

Rustiq is located at the end, just across from the historic museum, with a great menu for lunch and dinner. Breakfast and lunch is from 8 am - 5 pm.

The dinner menu is available from 3 pm already, and consists of authentic local cuisine with a twist for ok prices, served in a colorful outdoor setting.

3. Flores

Location: Kura Hulanda - Otrabanda, Willemstad

Or go to Flores, where the all day menu is more internationally focused. This restaurant is located on a cute terrace in the center of Kura Hulanda village. Very atmospheric, at day, and even more at night with its string lights.

4. Mundo Bizarro

Location: Pietermaai - Willemstad

For a night of dinner, drinks, and dancing, the Pietermaai neighborhood is perfect with its big offering of restaurants and bars.

Mundo Bizarro is one of the most eclectic restaurants here with its old-school Cuban interior.

They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails every day from 9 am - 1 pm. Except on Sundays when they open from 3 pm.

It's also said to be the most photographed bar of Curaçao, set in a buzzing street that is colorful and super atmospheric at night.

5. Ginger

Location: Pietermaai - Willemstad

You can find this Carib-Asian Indian restaurant on a cozy hidden square in Pietermaai, offering interesting flavors, cocktails and fusion dishes in a tropical setting.

Open every night from 5 - 10 pm, except Sundays and with regular live music and performances.

6. Restaurant & Café Gouverneur De Rouville

Location: Otrabanda - Willemstad

Almost an icon in Willemstad, located on the Otrabanda side, directly facing the renowned Pontjesbrug from the backside terrace. De Gouverneur is open from 9 am – 10 pm for lunch and dinner, blending international and local cuisine in high-quality dishes.

The menu is extensive and I found the food delicious, although a bit more pricy for Curaçao standards. However the quality, sophisticated setting with several atmospheric terraces, and the views, are worth it.

7. Pasawá Box Eatery

Location: 177 Caracasbaaiweg Willemstad

A true must visit and foodie hotspot in my book!

Pasawa is a food square with a big bar and TV-screens in the middle, surrounded by a collection of stalls, placed in containers embellished with street art.

This unique concept has a really cool vibe with plenty of nice seats with a view at the top ring as well! I really enjoyed the surprisingly high-quality and affordable food, cocktails and vibrant atmosphere here, with great DJ.

The food stalls are quite diverse with lots of local dishes, snacks and international flavors, prepared by different restaurants. You can take-away or order directly with the waiter.

8. Koko’s, Zanzibar or Zest Curaçao

Location: Jan Thiel Beach

Want to relax by the sea on luxurious beach beds, have a beachfront lunch or a sunset dinner with your feet in the sand and dance the night away? With 5 restaurants and 3 beach clubs to choose from Jan Thiel has it all.

There's a big parking lot and most beach clubs here open at 8 / 8.30 am already.

Zest Beach Club - Jan Thiel Beach Curaçao
Zest Beach Club - Jan Thiel Beach

I tested the beach beds at Koko’s, which is open for breakfast and lunch until sunset. And had dinner at Zanzibar and Zest, all 3 different, but with a great vibe.

Be aware that there’s a fee of $3 to enter this beach, however entry is free after 4.30 pm.

Koko's Beach Club - Jan Thiel Beach Curaçao
Koko's Beach Club - Jan Thiel Beach

9. Blue View Sunset Terrace

Location: Westpunt at Playa Forti

When you visit the beaches in the northwest, like Grote or Kleine Knip, and drive on 10 minutes north to Westpunt, you will find this restaurant just along the road at Playa Forti.

Blue View is open for lunch and dinner from 11 am – 8 pm, and is the perfect spot to witness people jumping off the cliff, enjoy the endless blue sea views, and maybe even spot dolphins in the distance.

Their menu is extensive with lots of seafood and other local, as well as international dishes.

All served with a breathtaking backdrop and the best sunsets.

10. Castaway Beach Bar

Location: Playa Kalki

Even more north you will find one of my favourite beaches, which is stunning and more quiet. Here you can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and services of a hip beach club with great cocktails, snacks and plenty of atmospheric seating options.

At Playa Kalki's Castaway they even offer a luxury beach bed package, including drinks and food, and also shisa's and massages!

Because I unfortunately did not have enough time to test even more, I also included a few bonus foodie hotspots. All recommended to me by friends and local Curaçao ambassador and connoisseur @IamTirzha.

5 local foodie favourites from north to south;

11. Jaanchie Restaurant

Location: Westpunt near Playa Piskado

Along the road to Westpunt you can find a true local gem, known for its authentic Curaçaoan and affordable dishes. Feast on fresh seafood and traditional stews at Jaanchie, in the laid-back garden setting of this super authentic restaurant.

12. Karakter Beach Lounge and Restaurant

Location: Coral Estate, Rif St. Marie, Willibrordus

For breakfast, lunch or dinner on the beach this hip lounge and restaurant is another lovely place to visit!

With excellent cocktails and a very extensive menu with international dishes, which even includes a 3, 4 or 5 course surprise menu, this beach club truly is a delectable place for sunset dinners by the ocean.

13. Tafrufresh

Location: 11 Sha Caprileskade, Punda - Willemstad

Tafru offers fresh breakfast and lunch options, soups, and shakes, with a fusion of Colombian and local flavors. A great stop for some casual local food and refreshments, just around the corner from the colorful Handelskade and iconic Pontjesbrug.

14. Purunchi  - Kas di Piskado

Location: John F. Kennedy Boulevard - Willemstad

Directly by the harbor, where the fresh fish comes in, this casual foodie spot is only open from 12 -  4 pm and closed on Mondays.

At this authentic eatery they offer a true taste of local maritime traditions, get a preview on their Instagram account:

15. De Visserij

Location: Piscadera - Willemstad

This local favourite offers a foodie experience that truly reflects Curaçao's coastal spirit. With limited opening times on Monday, and Friday until Sunday from 12 - 9 pm, this is thé restaurant for fresh seafood and local specialties, picked right from the counter, as fresh as it gets.

Just note that this hotspot is quite simple, but very popular, which can cause long queues, especially on the weekends.

Besides these 15, the Fort Nassau restaurant, the Bario Hotel restaurant in Otrabanda and BijBlauw in Pietermaai, Willemstad, are supposed to be very good as well, with an amazing setting.

More than enough to come back for!

I pinned all of them in this Google map I made for my next visit, which I’m happy to share: Curaçao restaurant top 15.

I can’t wait to sample even more Curaçaoan cuisine, beach clubs and food trucks next time. The unique blend of flavors in Curaçao's, and also Aruba’s, local dishes mirror the islands’ colorful history, which make meals in the Caribbean a true cultural experience!

Something that made my visits to these islands even more enjoyable.

If you find good food an added value to your holiday as well, then Curaçao, and the Caribbean, should be on your bucket list! And when you go, I hope my Top 10 Curaçao restaurants & foodie hotspots can make your visit even more memorable.

Find even more tropical restaurant and authentic foodie inspiration in my previous Caribbean blogs and let me know what you think!

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