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The ultimate Aruba guide + practical map

Planning a trip to the tropics this year and looking for a safe and friendly island, that is pure paradise, then Aruba is the place to be and I have compiled the ultimate guide for you!

The past years I've been to Aruba 3 times for several weeks and have explored almost everything there is to see and do, but keep discovering new hidden gems too.

I know how much work it is to research all the nicest spots for a new destination in advance. Especially if you like fun activities, photogenic spots, lesser-known places, that are not so busy and good quality restaurants, that also have a nice view!
And yes, it can be such a struggle having to go through all the mixed Tripadvisor reviews first…

My Rexby guide + map of Aruba

But luckily I found, a travel website with guides of seasoned travelers and content creators like me, offering accessible maps and custom itineraries of their best tips compiled in a guide, all based on their own experiences!

And I just added my first guide there, for my favourite Caribbean island Aruba with:

  • a total of 78 tips combined and 14 customized 1 or 2 day itineraries, including:

  • 40 of the most photogenic and quiet beaches, Instagrammable spots to visit & fun things to do

  • but also 8 of the most unique, photogenic, luxury accommodations

  • and 30 of the best restaurants, bars and cafés, nearly all tried and tested myself!

This ultimate Aruba guide + map is for you:

  • If you’re visiting Aruba for the first time, want to explore but don’t want to spend hours researching in advance

  • If you want to stay in one of the most photogenic, authentic, yet chic accommodations, and find all the best restaurants with ease

  • If you want to feel like a local, knowing all the best and less busy spots around the island

  • If you’re a photo enthusiast like me and want to find all the most photogenic (drone) and highly Instagrammable spots

  • If you want to know where the most beautiful and less busy beaches, snorkeling spots are and like sightseeing and some activities on your holiday too

  • If you want to see all Aruba has to offer, not just the touristic areas

  • Or if you’re just looking for some nice daytrip itineraries

  • If you’ve been to One Happy Island before, but want to find the more off the beaten path spots

  • And if you just want to optimize your holiday in this laid-back, tropical paradise!

How does the Aruba guide + map work?

The guide is available on the Rexby website, which is very mobile friendly, but is not an app. You can find all my tips in a similar grid like Instagram, with caroussels of many (of my own) pictures, including personal tips and booking links for your convenience.

Or just go to the map view to filter per subject and easily navigate the island throughout your trip!

In the guide there are 3 tabs:

  • Things to do: with 78 of the best restaurants, accommodations, activities and sights compiled by me, based on my own experiences. Just click on the pictures to see more, swipe for more pics and read all practical info and tips

  • Itineraries: Some of my favourite spots combined per theme in a 1 or 2 day itinerary, put in a logical order of visiting to optimize your holiday!

  • Travel Tips: answers to all your questions like:

  • When are the annual festivities and what is the best time to visit?

  • Is Aruba very touristic & American oriented?

  • How is the climate?

  • Is Aruba safe and is there enough to see & do?

  • Where should I stay and how long do I need to visit?

  • And much more…See for yourself in my Aruba guide travel tips:

Purchasing options

You can buy this guide easily and safely on the Rexby website, which will give you lifetime access. There are 4 options to choose from:

  • Unlimited access $49 - 78 things to do + map + 14 itineraries + travel tips

  • Map only $29 - convenient map with 78 things to do + travel tips

  • Single itineraries $5 or $9 - per theme: 1 or 2 day

  • Personalized itinerary + full access $99 – an itinerary put together by me according to your needs + 78 things to do + map + 14 itineraries + travel tips


Still got questions? Here are some more answers to clarify all:

  • How can I pay safely? Just via the Rexby platform with Google pay or with your credit card, safe and easy.

  • How do I get access to the map? After the payment you will receive a mail and you can log in to the Rexby platform with your password or Facebook or Google account. Here you will find the map with all options you paid for, just make sure you’re connected to the internet

  • How long do I have access? Access is unlimited, as long as Rexby exists. And an extra bonus is that all updates and things to do added in the future, will also be accessible for you!

  • Can I view the map + guide anytime? Yes, but only when connected to the internet, as you do have to log into the Rexby website on your account first😊

I hope I was able to convince you that Aruba is a must visit with its laid-back vibe, colorful houses, murals, beautiful beaches, more than 250 delicious restaurants and plenty of natural and historic sites to discover all around the island.

And whether you’re looking for a last-minute trip to the sun or a summer holiday later this year, to enjoy bright blue seas, white sandy beaches, palm trees, stunning sunsets every night and warmer temperatures to escape the cold, Aruba will certainly not disappoint!

You can check my Caribbean page for even more blogs about unique restaurants, Instagrammable things to do, the most beautiful beaches and beautiful accommodations on Aruba, all based on my own experiences.

If you'd rather look for hotels in the Dutch Antilles based on your own preferences you can check out this hotel page.

When you visit Aruba you'll easily find 40 of the nicest beaches, photo-, sightseeing spots and activities. And 38 of the most unique accommodations and restaurants, with this Rexby guide.

More than enough for at least 1 active week and a 2 week holiday, including relaxation:) Or even longer, if you're staying for a workation at one of the 8 unique accommodations I listed, which I can’t wait to revisit either.

That’s why I’m also going back for the 4th time later this year! Are you joining me?


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