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WONDR Experience - new Instagram-mable photo hotspot in Amsterdam

Visual content and social media is getting increasingly important for (personal) branding and marketing, along with the value of video content for YouTube, IGTV, Instagram stories and Tiktok, among others, the pressure of creating daily content can be high. Luckily more initiatives are created nowadays to tap into the hype and make content creation easier!

Finally the Netherlands has caught up on that as well. After TeamLab and TeamLab Borderless in Tokyo, WonderWorld in New York, 29Rooms throughout the USA and Selfie Factory in the UK (and probably many more I haven’t heard of yet), all highly Instagrammable pop-ups, artsy and popular among avid IG-ers, we finally have something similar in our own capital called: WONDR Experience in Amsterdam!

Instagrammable museums

I’ve been to Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar and the Moco Museum in Amsterdam already, which offer a mix of modern and contemporary artworks combined with Instagrammable rooms, about which you can read more here: Moco Museum Blog.

But even though WONDR is officially called a museum, it’s actually much more interactive and with in-house camera’s positioned in the best spots to take those Instagrammable shots in the most crazy settings, a filled content calendar and timeline is guaranteed after your visit to this funhouse!

Pure, yet practical fun!

If you need something to lift your spirit, want to treat your inner child, have fun with friends, sing karaoke, dive into a ball pit, shower in confetti, or play around in a pool filled with marsh mellows, WONDR is the perfect place to visit. It’s all possible here, and more!

As the creators of the museum themselves say:

‘WONDR is a place that invokes inspiration, imagination and pure joy - a dazzling adventure where you’re invited to play, share and explore.’

An afternoon filled with laughter, unique experiences and pure childish fun is certain, and if you bring your camera or phone you can create the most colorful and unique content for your social media accounts in just a few hours, while playing around shamelessly, as you can see on my Instagram account, and in this gallery (slide for more):

New pop-up experience in Amsterdam

The Brazilian/Dutch IG-er Sarah Mendes created this initiative with the help of local artists and creative friends.

After months of preparation the museum finally opened on 18 September in a pretty pink warehouse in Amsterdam-Noord with 1,200 m2 and 15 rooms of color and sensation!

WONDR is a must visit!

I went here twice now with some photographer friends, who took most of these pics, and had a blast. All while creating the best content, among which 3 video’s, a few hundred pictures and lots of fun boomerangs, slow motion video’s and time lapses. As you can understand our 2-3 hours here was not nearly enough to cover and photograph all 15 rooms well. However I wouldn’t mind coming back for more and experience it again with less photography.

I highly recommend to truly immerse yourself in the experience, and release your inner child while there. It’s just so much more fun and quite liberating😊

WONDR created the ultimate settings for this, perfect for both content creators, avid IG-ers, friends just wanting to have fun, or companies looking for the ultimate day out with the team!

Practical info

With some of these Instagrammable pop-up experiences you have to get in line for up to an hour to be able to access it, and get out of most exhibits quite quickly to make room for the next person. Not at WONDR!

They have been closed for a while due to corona restrictions, but reopened on the 5th of June and made everything corona proof with handsanitizer in every room and extra cleaning of every surface and accessory in between shifts.

You always had to buy your ticket online in advance, but now they only sell an even more limited amount of 10 tickets per time slot. We visited twice in the morning and every time there was almost no-one around, as there are so many rooms that we didn’t get in each other’s way, and had several all to ourselves most of the time.

Although this place is Instagram- and photography heaven do note that there are no changing rooms and you’re not allowed to change in public here. You can only bring a small bag, your phone and/or camera with you inside, no tripods, or other professional photo/filming accessories. The rest of your luggage can be stored for free in the lockers at the entrance.

You might think that WONDR is perfect for kids, but it was actually designed with adults in mind, therefore kids under 10 are only allowed at special dedicated time slots called: KIDS TIME accompanied by 1 adult, but do get a discount.

Visitors between 11-13 years can enter any time, but also have to be accompanied by at least 1 adult, and normal tickets cost €24,50 per person.

To be honest in advance I felt that the price was quite steep compared to a museum, however there’s no time limit to your visit, the 15 interactive rooms are all highly Instagrammable and very different, which enables you to create a lot of unique content in a short time. And because they have photobooths positioned cleverly throughout the museum you can even let them take your pictures for you, which will be sent to you afterwards by mail, which creates a lot of extra value in my opinion and makes it worth it.

This confetti-sprinkled world of color and sensation in Amsterdam is open 7 days a week from 11 am to 7 pm, and even though they started as a pop-up, they will stay open for good now! For more details, to plan your visit and to reserve your time-slot and ticket go to their website:

What do you think of this unique funhouse and ‘Instagrammble museum’ for adults? Are you ready to release your inner child and have some fun? Or just want to take some colorful and creative pics for your social media accounts, website or scrapbook, then this Dutch photography hotspot should not be missed during your visit to Amsterdam!

Do let me know what you think in the comments here, or find me on social media for even more pics and a video of our own WONDR Experience!


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