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15 Seasonal Photography Tips & Tricks - Autumn

I love nature, photography and the colors of autumn, and as seasonal pictures seem to work very well on social media I'm fortunate that my homeland the Netherlands, with its diverse nature areas and 4 very varied seasons, provides the perfect setting for that!

Autumn in Koekamp-The Hague Netherlands
Autumn colors of Koekamp

Especially now that traveling is more restricted again I really enjoy exploring my local, and love to go out with the camera to capture all the beauty my hometown and region has to offer.

Seasonal photography in autumn

That’s also one of the reasons why fall is my favourite, despite the rain. Because even though I love the flowers and sunny weather of spring, and prefer the warmer temperatures of summer, the fall colors and foliage of autumn never cease to amaze me and provide an endless inspiration for photography!

Autumn in Park Clingendael-The Hague Netherlands
Autumn colors of Park Clingendael

The Hague - greenest city of the Netherlands and Europe

I've lived in the Netherlands my whole life and the past 15 years The Hague has been my hometown, and one of the reasons why I love this city by the sea so much is that it is the greenest in Europe. Many people don’t know this but with 16,000 trees and 885 hectares of parkland 33% of The Hague is nature, with no less than 13 square meters per resident.

I regularly go for nature walks in Westduin Park, the dune area just 5 minutes from our home, which becomes even more beautiful and colorful in autumn. But the past few weeks I also visited 3 of my favourite city parks: Clingendael, neighboring Haagse Bos and Koekamp next to Malieveld.

Autumn in Haagse Bos-The Hague Netherlands
Fall foliage and lakes of Haagse Bos

Autumn seemed to be a bit late this year in the Netherlands, compared to other countries, based on what I saw on Instagram from half October already. But since start November fall finally arrived here in full color as well, perfect for photography!

Fun fall photography ideas for social media

The colors of autumn make me go camera crazy as I see beauty in almost everything, and luckily I have a few photographer friends in The Hague who are exactly the same!

Every season we meet up to take pictures together and from each other, which is always fun.

And as seasonal photography works very well on social media, I decided to round up some of my favourite pictures of this season to share all my tips and tricks to get the most creative autumn Instagram pics. And inspire you with 15 fun content creation ideas of my own, and some I found through other Instagram accounts as well:

1. Make a leaf crown in advance

2. Style to the setting and color coordinate

3. Add colorful accessories for extra effect

4. Lay down on or in between the leaves like Iohanna of @exploringtulips

5. Throw leaves and take pics in burst/sports mode

6. Take pics from a low angle with leaves in the forefront

7. Drop leaves in front of the camera for extra effect

8. Or just edit the leaves in through this short tutorial:

9. Hold a leaf as accessory

10. Or play with perspective and use leaves as umbrella, wings or skirt, like @denias_journeys and @tourdelust

11. Frame your pics with leaves

12. Use an umbrella to make it rain leaves as I did in this video:

13. Set up an autumn picnic like @exploringtulips

14. Add extra color effect with reflections

15. And most importantly: EDIT to make the autumn colors pop!

What do you think of these fall photography ideas, and have you gone out to capture the beauty of autumn already? If you go, I hope you can use some of these ideas to make even better pictures for your website or social media accounts!

For more photography tips for social media, Instagram updates, growth and engagement tips you can also check my other blog posts on my social media tips page.

Curious to hear if you agree with these tips & tricks, or knew them already? Just leave a comment below, or find me on social media via the icons at the bottom of this page!


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