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Luxembourg city guide – 11 Instagram-mable authentic hotspots & things to do

I just visited the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, one of the smallest, yet very diverse countries in Europe, with a capital full of history, Unesco sites, spectacular viewpoints and buzzing neighborhoods, cafés and restaurants, that blew my mind!

View over Luxembourg city
View over Luxembourg city, pic credits @NappyC

This vibrant city seems to be underestimated by most and I honestly did not expect to find so much diversity on just 51 km2 either! Located in the south of Luxembourg, it lies at the heart of Western Europe, about 416 km from Amsterdam, 213 km from Brussels and 372 km from Paris.

With a history even dating back to the Roman times and central location, Luxembourg city has always been a place of strategic military significance. The first fortifications were built in the 10th century, officially founded in 963 around Luxembourg Castle, from where the city started to develop.

Stunning views over Oberstadt Luxembourg from Grund
Stunning views over Oberstadt Luxembourg from Grund

The historic city center is extra special due to its division into several layers by the city walls.

These 70 meter high cliffs look out on the lower city, lined by the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers and several historic bridges, making Luxembourg city very Instagram-mable and postcard perfect from several sides.

The fact that it’s also a very green city, with parks, forested areas, and several important historic and even Unesco sites, makes Luxembourg even more interesting, diverse and highly photogenic.

During a 4 day trip with 3 blogger friends end of July, I visited Luxembourg city and some other interesting spots around the country, about which I will share more in the next blog too.

In the first 2,5 days we were able to see much of what Luxembourg city has to offer and took hundreds of pics and videos, as always😊

I can’t wait to show you all my favourite Instagram-mable spots, foodie hotspots, viewpoints and fun things to do here, through several of my own and a few of @NappyC’s pictures, but first:

How to get to Luxembourg?

As it's just 400 km from the Netherlands and very centrally located in Europe, I highly recommend travelling there by car or train, if you live in Europe.

Stunning buildings in Luxembourg city,
Stunning buildings in Luxembourg city, pic credits @NappyC

Because many sites are located close to each other it’s very convenient to have a car while there, so you can drive from the most amazing spot to the next, usually in just 10 - 20 minutes.

However, if you have to fly there, it’s quite easy as well. Because what makes Luxembourg extra special is that all public transport is FREE!

Luxembourg is the world’s first country to offer free nationwide public transport, which includes local, regional and nationwide trains, trams or buses, except first class in trains.

And the shuttle bus transfer from Luxembourg airport is totally free as well!

Beautiful architecture of Oberstadt, Luxembourg
Beautiful architecture of Oberstadt, Luxembourg

This makes it even easier to get around in the country or Luxembourg city, even though most sites in the city are just a short walk apart.

Where to stay in Luxembourg city?

There are plenty of great hotels and apartments to choose from. However, if you want to stay at a more Instagrammable hotspot. And like to park your car nearby, while staying in a more quiet area, still close to the main sites, then this is the perfect hotel for you too;)

We stayed for 2 nights at the newly opened Mama Shelter in the Kirchberg district. The business center of the city, with a more modern vibe.

Find out more and book your own stay at Mama Shelter Luxembourg.

Or find even more unique accommodations to suit your taste, via this hotel page or

Our stay here was very fun and convenient, including a secured parking garage (€17 a day) right under the hotel.

Other unique features of Mama Shelter in Luxembourg:

  • The many areas for relaxing, playing pool, footie, videogames and an extensive rooftop bar, with DJ every night

  • Super creative interior and convenient design rooms, with everything you might need, such as great beds, with an excellent mattress, a fridge, safe and good shower

  • Delicious extensive breakfast

  • And 3 in-house restaurants, which are open to the public as well:

  • The main restaurant has a great outdoor terrace, open for lunch and dinner, with an excellent menu incl.some of the best home-made pizzas!

  • A rooftop restaurant with great cocktails and tapas, open from 5 pm

  • And a very cute boulangerie (closed in the weekends though)

From here it’s easy to take a tram or bus to the city center. But you can also walk to Oberstadt in about 25 minutes, passing by some of the most Instagrammable spots of the city, that should not be missed!

Kirchberg is very different, because of its many tall buildings with modern architecture, like the:

1. Philharmonie

Philharmonie Concert Hall Luxembourg
Philharmonie Concert Hall Luxembourg, pic credits @NappyC

Officially known as the Grande-Duchesse Joséphine-Charlotte Concert Hall, located right across from our hotel. It immediately caught our attention with its impressive modern architecture with 823 white steel columns, arranged in several rows. It was opened in 2005 and now hosts up to 400 performances a year.

From here we walked on to the:

2. Modern Art Museum

Another unique building, just behind the Philharmonie, is the MUDAM. Built inside the remains of the reconstructed Fort Thüngen, the museum opened in 2006. It was designed by a renowned architect, which shows, as the building is stunning, both inside and out!

It has a very interesting modern art collection, with several themed exhibitions that constantly vary.

3. Fort Thüngen & Park Drai Echelen

Right behind the modern art museum, also located in the Park Draï Eechelen, is this imposing fort. Dating back from 1733, and formerly a key part of Luxembourg city's fortifications.

The fort can be visited as well, as it now houses the museum of national history, overlooking the city. From here you can follow the Vauban walk down the park, passing by 2 other historic towers and several remainders of the city walls, offering amazing views over the city.

Vauban Walk Luxembourg
Vauban Walk Luxembourg with @JournalofWonders, pic credits @NappyC

Make sure to walk on all the way down to:

4. Grund

One of the oldest neighborhoods of the city in the lower part of Luxembourg's capital. Perfect to admire the views of Oberstadt, with its city walls that are Unesco listed and the beautiful parks surrounding it.

City parks of Grund, Luxembourg
City parks of Grund, Luxembourg, pic credits @NappyC

Although this area has a medieval feel, all houses here are from the 19th or 20th century. Built on the banks of the small Alzette River with a nightlife surprisingly vibrant, due to its many restaurants and cozy cafes!

Grund neighborhood, Luxembourg
Picturesque bridge in Grund with @JustgoGlobal, pic credits @NappyC

Certainly a must visit on your city trip to Luxembourg! From here you can walk through the city parks to the:

5. Panoramic elevator

Also known as the Pfaffental lift, located right next to the Red Bridge. The elevator is free of charge and runs every few minutes to bring people to the higher level of the city.

During the ride up you can enjoy the views on both sides to the Pont Grande Duchesse Charlotte and the historic city center. And when you get to the top don't miss the glass viewing plateau for those Instagrammable shots!

6. Oberstadt

This is the top part of Luxembourg, where the city originated. And the real center of Luxembourg city, with many attractions. Here you will find the stunning Grand Ducal Palace surrounded by beautiful shopping streets.

Several other museums and buzzing city squares, filled with cafés, restaurants and many historic buildings with French and German architectural influences.

7. Chemin de la Corniche

Historic tower of the city walls of Luxembourg
Historic tower of the city walls of Luxembourg, pic credits @JournalofWonders

One of the best viewpoints in Oberstadt, in my opinion, and a spot of great historic significance!

From these high city walls and fortified towers, that guarded the crossing of two Roman roads ages ago, you can now overlook the valley of the city. With Grund, the Alzette river and several historic buildings all laid out in front of you:

Certainly called the most beautiful balcony of Europe for good reason, right?!

8. Casemates

In the 17th century the first casemates were built in the ramparts of the city, now listed as Unesco World Heritage. Initially, Spain built 23 km of tunnels in 1644, which were subsequently expanded under French and Austrian rule in the next decades.

Inside the Casemates of Luxembourg city, pic credits @Visit_Luxembourg
Inside the Casemates of Luxembourg city, pic credits @Visit_Luxembourg

What remains now makes the world’s longest defense system with kilometers of underground passages, with 2 entry points. Unfortunately they were closed due to technical difficulties when we were there, but luckily I was able to visit the Bock Casemates after all in winter, about which you can read all in this Luxembourg blog. A tour of the casemates is made extra special with light shows and sound effects that bring the history of the fortified city back to life!

9. Pont Adolphe

Walkway under Pont Adolphe, Luxembourg
Dancing in my @Sondeflor under Pont Adolphe, pic credits: @NappyC

This stone arch bridge from the early 20th century provides a lovely city view. Especially from the 2nd level, which is a unique cycling- and walk way spanned under the bridge. It looks out over the city, a small park and the picturesque Petrusse river, with views like this:

10. Luxembourg sightseeing tours

There are many tours that enable you to see even more of Luxembourg city, find all of them on: Luxembourg city-tours We found it hard to choose, but as real Dutchies were happy to do a cycling trip. After all, you can see so much more of this varied city in just a few hours by E-bike.

We had a private cycling tour with the lovely Marco of Sightseeing Luxembourg.

Our Dutch cycling team with @Justgoglobal @JournalofWonders & @NappyC
Our Dutch cycling team with @JustgoGlobal @JournalofWonders & @NappyC

He was fun, patient, very knowledgeable and took us to all the Instagrammable and authentic photo hotspots! And easily showed us different interesting areas of the city, like the more remote Gare district.

A chic neighborhood with a lot of French influences. With the stately Avenue de la Liberte and several squares, like the Place de Paris, with its small Eiffel tower, several classy cafés and restaurants.

11. Foodie & cocktail hotspots

And because Luxembourg city is home to many students and expats the offering of restaurants is quite diverse, with vegan or vegetarian options as well. Most restaurants can be found in the districts Oberstadt, Grund and Gare.

It's nice to wander through the streets around the Grand Duke’s Palace to find quaint shops, nice cocktail bars and restaurants, some with great views too!

These are the ones we tested in Oberstadt, which I can highly recommend:

Pop Up Hertz

Bar Amore

The Gudde Weather

This pop-up outdoor terrace is only open with (as the name states) good weather😊

But when it is and you are able to grab a spot, you will certainly enjoy the great vibe, delicious cocktails and stunning city views, towards the Chemin de la Corniche:

For more Luxembourg travel tips and tours you can also go to: Luxembourg

And check out my next Luxembourg blog as well, for more photogenic and authentic sightseeing spots and things to do around Luxembourg country!

Luxembourg's city walls
Instagrammable & authentic Luxembourg city, pic credits @NappyC

Love to hear what you think of Luxembourg city and the Instagram-mable, yet authentic hotspots we found in this surprisingly beautiful European city! Find even more Luxembourg city and country tips on my Luxembourg page.

And if you go there, make sure to stay for at least a few days to be able to explore more! You can find the best hotels in Luxembourg city via this hotel page or the city page.


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