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Beauty of Lesvos - the authentic chic, yet undiscovered Greek island

This is an ode to the Greek island Lesbos, better known as Lesvos, island of good food, 11 million olive trees, affectionate cats, quaint villages & pretty towns, rich culture, heritage and history, with a multitude of monasteries, castles and ruins spread out over the island.

Island of petrified trees, ouzo and olive oil factories, abundant harbors with stunning sunsets, restaurants, cafés and terraces all around. Of flowers, lush green hills, traditional houses and decorations everywhere you look.

An island of blooming beauty, where the locals are friendly, yet keep to themselves. Always happy to welcome you and showcase their customs, prepare their tasty local dishes for you and spoil you in every way.

It’s obvious that the inhabitants are proud of their island and try to make everything look as beautiful as possible, with their authentic well-kept houses, colorful terraces and manicured gardens with pottery, decorations and flowers.

But don’t just take my word for it, let me convince you through many of my own pictures so you can see for yourself:

Fields of olive trees

Many affectionate cats

Wonderful villages & quaint towns

Abundant heritage & history

exploring Molyvos castle Lesvos

Pretty harbors with cute cafes & restaurants

Stunning sunsets

Flowers & nature views

Good food & pretty terraces

The pure & authentic, yet stylish atmosphere, the small streets, cute villages, atmospheric restaurants and traditional shops here captured my heart. It felt almost undiscovered, although the main reason behind the quietness and drawback of tourism is tragic.

As you might have noticed the past 3 years Lesvos has been used as an example by the press for the European refugee problems, because of its large influx of people, its proximity to Turkey and many unfit boats trying to reach the island.

Although the locals have been helping the several hundred thousands of refugees with food, clothes and shelter already for many years, it was a difficult situation for this small community and the Greek government to handle, and Lesvos was targeted as a focal point by the press and has been the victim of sensation press for sure.

Fortunately this past year the influx of refugees has decreased and the organization of help and shelter for the residing refugees has improved. But it’s evident that the tourism industry has suffered and the island was stigmatized because of it, which is so unjust.

Did you know that the island’s residents have even been nominated for a Nobel peace prize because of their empathy and assistance during this crisis?

Lesvos is doing everything they can to help the refugees, but as a visitor you will not be confronted with this at all during your stay, unless you want to visit the shelters yourself and lend a helping hand.

I can honestly say that our stay on the island was amazing and we experienced nothing but hospitality and a tranquil atmosphere during our 5 day road trip. The people of Lesvos should definitely be credited for their lending hand and hospitable character!

They deserve it that the tourists come back to shop at their wonderful venues, sleep in their authentic hotels and dine at their delicious tavernas.

I can highly recommend a trip to Lesvos, especially now when it’s still quiet, to discover the pureness & authenticity of this Greek island, and let these friendly people spoil you!

I hope I have been able to convince you that this Greek island in the Aegean sea is a must visit, through my own experiences and pictures.

If you go I can recommend the following hotel in the quaint town of Molyvos: Sunrise Hotel.

And the following restaurants at my favourite spots:

  • In Molyvos: Gatos Restaurant in the town’s center with a gorgeous view and Restaurant Octapus in the harbour.

  • In Eressos: Café Vento, Belle Ville and Cocktail Bar Parasol

  • And several of the many beautiful cafés and restaurants in the small harbour of Skala of Sykamnia.

Find out more about the top 10 towns and sights of the island in my next blog with many more pics and detailed information about Lesvos’ most authentic spots. And even more Greek island inspiration on this page.

Did you know the Greek island Lesvos already and did you imagine that it was this beautiful? Or have you ever been to this island or any others of Greece before?

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