Most Instagram-mable spots of colorful Cork County - Ireland

What comes to mind when you think of Ireland? For me that was the stereotype of high cliffs, castles, lots of nature plains, wide meadows and quaint little towns. Last week during my first ever visit to this country on a press trip through Cork county this was confirmed but also proved surprisingly underestimated.

Pic credits: Zoover

After less than a 2 hour flight from Amsterdam to Cork I found out that Ireland is so much more than that! During our 3 days trip through the largest and most southern county of Ireland we visited both the beautiful countryside, castles & forts, as well as colorful coastal towns, vintage shops and quaint markets, which showed us that Ireland has much more to offer!

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Pic credits: Zoover

Most people would advise you to visit Dublin or the northern region of Ireland with its many popular and well-known sights. But even though Cork County is lesser-known it is certainly, and maybe even because of that, worth a visit as well and so much prettier than I could have imagined. On this map you can see this area in the south west of Ireland and follow the locations we visited marked in purple, all wonderful sights and towns:

But most of all extremely Instagram-mable. What do I mean by that?

I could also have said that it's very photogenic, but as the towns we visited were so colorful and beautifully styled in a perfect authentic setting surrounded by flowers, they made the perfect scene for Instagram worthy pictures.

Of course this all depends on your style, taste and themes you use for your gallery on this social media platform, but in general these kind of pics and colorful settings always work well on Instagram, make a pretty sight and look good in a grid.

Pic credits: Zoover

How that looks exactly I will show you in this blog by showcasing some of the pics I and the Zoover team took in our favourite towns, sights and photo spots:

Cork city

When you visit the county Cork city can not be missed. Ireland’s third city after Dublin and Belfast, with lots to see and do, and the perfect place for foodies and shopping lovers.

Next to the more popular shops, the markets and quaint local stores provide the perfect setting for food photography, vintage shopping and admiring the shop windows, as you can see for yourself here:

(Click on the smaller pics to see the big version and description)

English Market

Known as Ireland’s most famous covered food market, located in the heart of Cork city and open for almost 230 years already since 1788, which you can read more about here: English Market

Pic credits: Zoover

As you can see the perfect place for food photography but next to the food stalls there are also several clothing shops, like the very photogenic Miss Daisy Blue, catering to every vintage-and dressed lovers heart.

From here you can even follow the Vintage Route leading you past 14 unique vintage shops, cafés and markets throughout Cork city: CorkVintageMap.

Pic credits: Zoover


One of the most picturesque, popular and historic towns on the south west coast of Ireland, epitomizing the word ''charming’'. This small town was my favourite because of the pure and friendly people and quaint streets and terraces not crowded with tourists yet.

Also called the gourmet capital of Ireland with its many cafés, colorful houses, and quaint shops throughout the town, providing the perfect background for Instagram worthy pictures.

(Click on the smaller pics to see the big version and description)

Here you don’t have to get in line to take the perfect shot, as is the case in many touristy places and cities nowadays.

And make sure not to miss the pretty harbor at the edge of the town and visit the surrounding country side with great viewpoints upon Kinsale.


This photogenic town is partially situated up a hill with an impressive cathedral towering over it, providing great viewpoints over the colorful houses of the pretty harbor town.

Pic credits: Zoover

Also famous for the Titanic Museum as this was the last port of call before this iconic ship went down in history, about which I will tell you more in my next blog.

Pic credits: Zoover

But of course Cork County has much more to offer in Cork city as well as in the surrounding area. In my upcoming blog next week I will happily tell you about my top 5 historic sights here!

If you visit Cork I can recommend staying at our 4* hotel perfectly located in the city center by the river, with great views over the area: River Lee Hotel.

This trip to charming Cork county was organized by Ierland Toerisme and the Dutch online platform: Zoover, which helps you find the perfect holiday spots all around the world.

Would you also love to visit Cork for a holiday or short city trip? Then check out this page for more tips on where to go and what to do here:

And if you’re still looking for inspiration for your next trip go to the weblog of with many stories, tips and lots of practical tips which will make you want to book your next trip instantly! (these links are for Dutchies only)

Have I stimulated you to visit Ireland and would you consider exploring Cork county as well? Or have you been here already?

Always happy to hear from you in the comments or find me on social media, where I post daily pics, direct links via the icons below.

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