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5 most Instagram-mable spots in Istria - Croatian Girls Trip Adventure

Croatia is definitely amongst my top 10 countries in Europe. Last month I have been there for the 3rd time in 2 years already which says a lot! This shouldn’t come to a surprise to you as it holds so much history, heritage and natural beauty, which matches my taste perfectly!

One of the wealthiest countries in Eastern Europe, décor for many Game of Thrones episodes and lined with beautiful, rugged but also uninhabited islands with stunning coastal views all around.

As you could have read in these blogs from last year: Dubrovnik, Top 6 Makarska Riviera, National Parks & Zadar, I loved the National Parks, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Split and exploring the Makarska riviera with all its pretty coastal towns.

But until now I hadn’t been way up north year to the chiquest region of Croatia, called Istria.

Get an impression of the region's beauty and diversity through this gallery:

Perched between Italia and Slovenia, Istria is unique in Croatia with many Italian influences, but quiet and authentic Croatian hilltop and seaside villages as well.
This must be one of the reasons why Istria is lovingly called little Tuscany, next to the exquisite gastronomy, vineyards and stunning valley views!

End of April I was there for 5 days on a girls trip with 10 Instagram fanatics, to explore the region while staying in a beautiful private villa estate near Pula. This included a private chef, pool, jacuzzi and countryside views as far as the eyes could see, so we were certainly spoiled to the max!

During our 5 day trip we went truffle hunting, and tasting of course. We visited a wine factory and enjoyed the native wines, sampled the amazing Croatian cuisine and had a lot of fun exploring and taking a million pictures together, also with 2 private photographers following us around!

As there is just too much to mention I will show you all my favourite spots through some of the many pics we took during this trip to show you where to go to get that perfect Instagrammable shot:

1. Pula

The largest city in Istria county and a definite must for its multitude of ancient Roman buildings, such as: the beautiful city gates, the Temple of Augustus and the amazing Arena of course.

2. Pula Arena

This beautiful and best preserved ancient monument in Croatia, situated in the center of Pula can not be missed!

It's the only remaining Roman Amphitheatre with 4 side towers and one of the few with a fully retained circuit of arched walls around it, among the 6 largest surviving Roman arenas in the World.

3. Rovinj

A popular coastal village with some of the most beautiful streets and alleys I have ever seen! Walk around the town to experience the true spirit of Croatia and make sure to get back to the harbor before the sun sets to get magical pics like these.

4. Groznjan

This small countryside settlement is filled with quaint little shops, photogenic alleys and surrounded by spectacular panoramic nature views. A must when you want to experience the real Istria and buy some of the local delicacies to bring home!

5. Motovun

Located in the center of Istria this medieval hilltop town is situated 270 meters above sea level, looking out on the houses scattered down the hill. If you walk all the way up into the inner walls you will find many cute restaurants and can even walk the town’s walls which provide stunning views over the 4 corners of Istria.

But of course there is so much more to see and do here and we just didn’t have enough time to explore it all. For more information about beautiful Istria you can check: Croatia Full of Life-Istria

Photoshoot in Pula Arena-Istria-Croatia (5)

If you're planning to go to Croatia and are still looking for a nice hotel or other unique accommodations throughout Istria, do check this hotel page or region page.

And to find even more beautiful spots, nice restaurants, hotels and unique things to do in this beautiful country, check my Croatia page, with solely tips based on my own experiences.

Have I stimulated you to visit Istria, or have you been there already?

And would you ever go on a girlstrip? Always happy to hear from you in the comments below or find me on social media, where I post daily travel pics and videos.

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