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8 unique hotels South Sweden - Småland & Halland’s accommodations

As you could have read in my previous South Sweden blog, I visited the diverse Småland and Halland region start September and stayed at a range of unique nature accommodations and some very nice hotels.

Reception of Hestraviken Hotel Småland - South Sweden
Reception of Hestraviken Hotel Småland

From eco-friendly cabins surrounded by nature, to a historic manor amidst the lake district of Växjö, a wellness resort by the water, a beach-front accommodation and classy city hotel near the picturesque coastline of Halland.

Herrgard Deluxe from above Småland - South Sweden
Herrgard Deluxe from above - Småland

These accommodations and hotels made our South Sweden trip extra special, as I always love to experience a destination like this. Staying at authentic places in comfort and style, while experiencing the surroundings and spirit of the destination to the fullest!

4 years ago I stayed at several authentic Swedish accommodations and hotels in Skåne already, and this time I had the pleasure to experience 8 more, which were again able to surprise me.

Let me show you what makes these hotels so unique through many of our own pictures!

Hotell Martenson Halmstad - Halland South Sweden
Hotell Martenson Halmstad - Halland

8 Unique hotels South Sweden - 3 Småland accommodations

The Småland region makes it easy to experience the pure Swedish outdoors, while enjoying unique nature-themed accommodations.

Whether you prefer camping in the wilderness, staying at eco-friendly retreats, or relaxing in treehouse lodges, Småland's nature accommodations enable you to connect with the region's pure landscapes and wildlife. We did just that in Åsnen National Park, with a stay at this beautiful nature resort:

1. Getnö Gård - Oasis by the lake

Book directly and find out more: Getno Gard.

This eco-friendly resort on the shores of Lake Åsnen, is completely surrounded by nature and tranquility. Offering different accommodations spread out over 15 km2 of private nature reserve, at the foot of the National Park.

What makes this resort unique is that:

  • it offers 12 comfortable cottages near the main area, open all year round, with space for 2 - 12 people depending on the cabin, each with its own fire pit and BBQ.

  • 4 secluded simple fishing cabins, open for summer, right on the lake with their own boat dock.

  • They also have several camping spots around the lake, open from April until October.

  • The main building has a café with bakery and camping store, offering lunch and BBQ packages for takeout,

  • and many options for activities and tours on and around the lake.

  • The water entrance to the National Park directly from the resort, makes it the perfect base to explore Åsnen National Park from.

  • Do note that the Wifi reception is limited here to the main building.

Environmentally conscious & sustainable resort

Getnö Gård is highly committed to sustainability and environmental awareness. They actively participate in nature conservation with various educational programs to make visitors aware of the National Park's unique ecosystems.

They operated solely regionally and sustainably since 1967 and generate their own energy with solar panels.

It is a family-run business, that has managed and protected this part of the National Park for several generations already. As a result, you directly contribute to the local economy with your stay.

Outdoor activities

We really enjoyed the peace and quiet here, but Getnö Gård offers plenty of active options as well. such as kayaking, canoeing, sportsfishing, boat trips, hiking or cycling, right from the resort.

There are well-marked hiking trails in the area and 6 bicycle routes around Lake Åsnen. There’s even a 120 km long canoe route through the National Park, with several camping spots around the lake to stay overnight.

The resort provides plenty of canoes, kayaks and boats to go out to explore local wildlife and you can also book small-scale tours here with a local guide.

We went on an osprey safari by boat with the resort’s owner Ingrid Olsson, and were able to spot several of these impressive birds and their nests during sunset. Truly a magical experience!

2. Herrgard Deluxe - Eclectic mansion near Växjö

This historic manor, located in the lake district of Växjö, is perfect if you’re looking for a small-scale accommodation with character.

The DeLuxe family bought this mansion with nature estate and is turning it into a hotel with currently 2 hotel rooms and 1 honeymoon suite.

Do note that the 2 rooms do have to share a bathroom and toilet, which we personally found less convenient. However the authentic vibe, spacious living rooms and modern amenities do make up for this.

Historical elegance & quaint vibe

What makes this accommodation extra special is that:

  • Herrgård Deluxe's historic building and unique interior exude a vintage charm and elegance.

  • The manor has classic Swedish architectural elements,

  • And is surrounded by a large natural estate.

  • Here you can totally relax, take leisurely strolls to the lakes and enjoy the tranquility of the Swedish countryside and terraces around the manor.

  • The rooms and suite are quite unique with their vintage furniture, eclectic style and antique accessories.

  • The in-house restaurant offers healthy home-made dishes, cakes and other goodies, prepared by the owner himself, with local ingredients and the vegetables from their Ekobacken vegetable garden.

For outdoor enthusiasts there’s enough to do in the surroundings and the owners of the hotel are happy to facilitate and advise you in this.

You can book directly via: Herrgard Deluxe.

3. Hestraviken Hotel & Restaurant - Luxury wellness accommodation

Check the availability for your South Sweden wellness stay: Hestraviken Hotel.

This stunning hotel, set in the countryside of Småland on the Vikaresjön and Algutstorpasjön Lake, offers a unique combination of comfort, wellness, gastronomy and picturesque surroundings, making it ideal for both relaxation and adventure.

What makes this wellness hotel unique is that:

  • the hotel's settings are characterized by extensive forests, green hills and a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Hestraviken offers different accommodation types, a playground, outdoor pool, gym, stylish restaurant and extensive wellness center of 1100 m2!

  • The accommodations range from cozy rooms and cabins with their own terrace and fireplace, to more spacious suites, offering nice views of the lake or surrounding nature.

  • We stayed in the newly renovated building above the wellness center. Our room was very modern with a stylish bathroom, top-to floor windows, and nice balcony with direct lake- and forest views.

  • The hotel's restaurant is quite renowned and highly recommended.

Culinary experiences & outdoor activities

We really enjoyed our 3-course dinner and take-away picnic at Hotel Hestraviken. The hotel’s stylish restaurant is known for its excellent dishes prepared with local and seasonal ingredients, served in a classy setting.

The surroundings make it easy to explore the forests of Småland on foot or by bike, and free bikes are available at the hotel reception. You can also borrow canoes or row boats here to explore the lake. Or just relax on the terrace and enjoy the peaceful landscape.

For more active adventures the Isaberg mountain-and ski resort is just 3 km away, offering plenty of outdoor activities and a golf course as well.

Wellness & relaxation

We especially loved the extensive wellness facilities, including a sauna, 2 pools, outdoor Jacuzzi and direct access to the lake. The ideal way to relax after an active day.

Get an impression through this gallery and don’t forget to swipe:

You can also book different massages and wellness treatments at the resort. The perfect place to stay if you want to unwind in comfort and style, as well as explore more of the beautiful nature of Småland.

5 Unique accommodations & hotels in Halland

The Halland region is quite unique and surprising because of its blend of coastal landscapes and natural beauty along the Swedish westcoast. Also offering a variety of accommodations that highlight the typical features of this region so well.

Hotel Martenson Halmstad - Halland South Sweden
Hotel Martenson Halmstad - Halland

From charming city hotels, cute sea-side cabins, to eco-friendly forest cottages, all very diverse.

4. Åkulla Outdoor Resort - Quaint nature accommodations

See everything this eco-friendly resort has to offer: Åkulla Outdoor Resort.

This resort offers unique accommodations amidst nature with a wide range of outdoor activities and facilities, in the heart of Halland, right on lake Yasjön.

The Åkulla Outdoor Resort is run by a Swedish family and has a strong focus on nature conservation and environmental awareness. Just a 30-minute drive from Varberg, surrounded by forests.

They have 18 small, yet comfortable rooms, right next to the main building, half of which offer direct lake views. But also several cabins and camping spaces for tents and RVs in the vicinity.

This makes the resort very suitable for families, couples and groups of friends.

Get an impression of the room and restaurant:

Local activities & gastronomy

What makes Åkulla Outdoor Resort extra unique is that:

  • they offer a range of activities with several hiking trails of different levels around the resort and are working on mountain bike trails as well.

  • Right on the lake they have row- and pedal boats, canoes, kayaks and you can go SUP-ping or fishing and even picnic on their own little island.

  • In the winter months, you can go skiing or snowshoeing on the slopes here.

  • At the resort's restaurant, they serve organic dishes, mostly prepared with local ingredients, have local snacks by the fire place, fika and an extensive breakfast buffet.

  • There’s a sports bar and large outdoor terrace.

  • And you can even reserve the outdoor sauna on the lake for you alone.

5. Treesuite Eco

In addition, the Åkulla Outdoor Resort offers an exclusive glamping concept, including 2 tents on the mainland along the shore, and 1 on the uninhabited island in the middle of lake Yasjön. Here you can sleep suspended in the air on a comfortable 120 cm mattress.

The treesuite eco is completely private with beautiful lake views, 2 chairs and its own outdoor kitchenette. The tent on the island is easily accessible by boat, canoe or by tow rope ferry from the resort.

Read all about this unique concept at: and book your stay directly via Åkulla Outdoor Resort.

6. Ocean Hotel - Seaside comfort & style

Book your own sea-side stay: Ocean Hotel Falkenberg.

This stylish hotel along the coast of Halland, just outside Falkenberg, is truly a hidden gem with its picturesque location.

This beach-front accommodation offers different roomtypes, some with direct sea views, just 20 meters from the beach.

What we loved most about this hotel was that:

  • our room had top-to-floor windows and an extensive private balcony with panoramic views of the sandy shores and some of the best sunset views of this trip!

  • The hotel's coastal décor with nautical touches is very stylish.

  • It has a gym and plenty of amenities to have fun and relax in the perfect location along a long beach, lined with dunes.

  • The hotel has an extensive restaurant with a beach terrace, also open to non-hotel guests.

  • The Ocean Grill has a great menu and serves delicious dishes and cocktails. But an excellent breakfast and lunch as well.

  • Get an impression through these pics, and click the arrow to see all:

I was quite entertaining to see the locals take a dip in the sea right in front of the hotel, which seemed to be popular among the hotel guests too.

Falkenberg town

Falkenberg is just a 10-minute drive away and is quite charming with some historic sites, a quaint town center, museum, nice shops, restaurants and bars. Read all about that in my previous Smaland & Halland blog.

In the vicinity of Falkenberg there are also lovely nature areas to explore and a golf course just 10 minutes from the hotel.

7. Hotel Martenson Halmstad – city class & comfort

Check the availability of this classy city hotel: Hotell Martensson.

Located in the center of Halmstad, one of Halland’s most picturesque coastal towns, this hotel combines a boutique-style atmosphere, with plenty of amenities and modern comfort in a stylish historic setting.

We loved this classy city hotel for its:

  • stylish building dating back from 1858, with rooms and suites that are tastefully decorated with modern furnishings and stylish accessories.

  • The perfect location right in the town center, within walking distance of several sites, just 1 km from the central station and a 10-minute drive from the extensive coastline.

  • The hotel's restaurant serves a range of Swedish and international dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

  • There’s a classy bar and cozy café in the hotel lobby as well.

  • Here they serve delicious sandwiches, home-made cakes, ice-cream and coffees, with several seating options in- and outdoors on the terrace.

  • Get an impression of the room:

Halmstad is a quiet and classy city along the river, easy to explore on foot, with some nice spots to visit, such as the historic Halmstad castle, several parks and an art museum. But the nearby coastal trails, beaches and dunes are also perfect for water sports and sea-side strolls.

8. Kottehusen & Lillebror – beachpods near Halmstad

In summer you can even stay overnight in the dunes along the beaches of Halmstad in a very unique way at Lillebor.

This temporary restaurant, placed on a wooden deck along the beach, is open from April to September, depending on the weather. With a large terrace in the dunes and stunning sunset views.

The menu is limited, but the food and cocktails are very good.

Around the restaurant they placed several beach pods amidst the dunes. Cute houses with a bed, glass façade and small private terrace, where you can spend the night with sea views.

There are 2 bathroom/shower areas to share and some other permanent beach clubs in the surroundings, such as Söderpiren, where breakfast is served. Read all about this unique pop-up concept on: Kottehusen & Lillebror.

And you can find even more hotels and unique accommodations in these lovely regions of South Sweden via: Småland hotels and Halland accommodations.

Our private balcony at Ocean Hotel - Falkenberg Halland South Sweden
Our private balcony at Ocean Hotel - Falkenberg Halland

Sweden will never cease to amaze me! This was my second visit to the south, which was again so surprisingly beautiful and diverse. And since this country is even 11 times the size of my homeland there’s still more than enough to come back for!

Have you been to the South of Sweden, or any other part of the country already? And if so, did you know it was this diverse with so many unique hotels?

If you like staying at a quaint accommodation along the coast or amidst nature, Småland and Halland have much to offer and make the perfect trip combination as they’re quite easy to reach.

Read all about that in my previous Sweden blogs, incl.custom Google road trip map.

Or on the websites of VisitSmåland and VisitHalland, with everything you need to know for your own South Sweden adventure.


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