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Winter Wonders in Luxembourg City: 8 Must-Do Activities

During the winter months Luxembourg City transforms into a magical wonderland, offering a multitude of activities and enchanting experiences in this colder time of year.

I was happy to explore more of Luxembourg City last week, after my first visit in summer last year, which gave a totally different impression.

And even though it snowed before we arrived, which makes the city even more enchanting, we unfortunately mainly got rain, which turned the snow swiftly into slush.

But that's nothing an umbrella and good shoes can't solve and we surely didn't let the rain spoil our fun.

Cityview from le Chemin de la Corniche - Luxembourg
Cityview from le Chemin de la Corniche

How to get to Luxembourg City?


From my hometown The Hague it’s just a 4-4,5 hour drive to get to Luxembourg City, located less than 400 kms from the Netherlands.

Of course you can also fly there, but if you live in Europe it’s very centrally located and also easy to reach by car or train. Moreover, the fact that in Luxembourg all public transport is free throughout the country, makes it even more convenient!

In just 2 days we managed to see and do a lot of new things, in addition to my previous visit, about which you can read all here: Luxembourg City Guide-Instagrammable spots.

This unique country is 16 times smaller than The Netherlands but only has 654,000 inhabitants, meaning there's a lot of space and countryside to discover outside the city as well.

Both the country and city are highly underestimated, in my opinion, so diverse and historic, with much to see and do nearby.

Cityview from Grund - Luxembourg
Cityview from Grund

Luxembourg City in winter: 8 must-do activities, incl. custom Google map

I feel that you will need at least 2-3 days to explore this layered historic city well.

And I can certainly recommend to venture outside the city too, as many stunning sites are located nearby.

Read all about that in this Luxembourg road trip blog and a new castle blog is coming up soon!


Based on my own experiences I'm happy to share my 8 top things to do in Luxembourg City in wintertime, with, as always, many of my own pics and a custom Google map for your convenience:

I hope these must do activities will help you make the most out of your visit to the charming capital of Luxembourg, with also several spots to seek shelter from the cold.

And if you're an X-mas lover too and want to know exactly where to find all the city's Christmas markets, then do read on.

1. Explore the quaint Grund neighborhood


Start your winter journey by wandering through the historic Grund neighborhood with its picturesque cobbled streets with quaint 19th and 20th century houses, which by the way, make a picture-perfect scene any time of year.

Oberstadt view from Rue Münster bridge - Grund Luxembourg
Oberstadt view from Rue Münster bridge in Grund

We stayed in Grund for 2 nights at B&B La Pipistrelle, the perfect location in Luxembourg City. The B&B is very personal and quaint with just 4 rooms, set in a historic building in the lower part of the city.

We slept in the Grand Duke Jean Suite, which is quite spacious, with everything you can wish for. It has a bed- and living room and a unique bathroom integrated into the authentic wall of the building.

Get an impression through this gallery:

We really enjoyed the personal feel and lovely breakfast. And you can even reserve a private parking spot nearby in advance. It’s the perfect spot to discover the historic richness of this beautiful neighborhood from.

The B&B is conveniently located right next to the Elevator Plateau St.Esprit Grund, taking you up to Ville-Haute in just a few minutes.

And right across the street from one of the best viewpoints of the city, looking up to Oberstadt from Rue Münster bridge, with the Alzette river flowing under it.

The beautiful St.Jean du-Grund church, the Natural History Museum and several quaint bars, cafés, art galleries and restaurants are also just steps away.

Find all info and book directly on: Pipistrelle B&B.

2. Follow the historic Wenzel Walk


From the Grund area you can easily follow the Wenzel Circular Walk. This provides a fantastic way to explore the city’s old quarters and fortifications surrounding the city, dating back from the 10th century.

The route is well-marked with signposts and provides a self-guided tour through narrow streets and hidden corners in and around Grund.

It truly offers a glimpse into Luxembourg's medieval charm, with some of the best views upon the city. See for yourself in this gallery and click on the pictures to see the full version:

3. Enjoy the views from Chemin de la Corniche


An absolute must in this historic city is "Europe's Most Beautiful Balcony" – le Chemin de la Corniche. This walkway is located centrally in the top part of the city: Oberstadt, easy to reach from our B&B in just 10 minutes. A lovely route lined with historic houses and renowned for a reason, but you can be the judge through my own pictures:

The panoramic views over the city from these 70-meter high Unesco-listed ramparts are truly stunning. And even through it rained when we were there, Luxembourg city, adorned in winter hues, makes an extra picturesque sight.

4. Visit the Unesco-listed Bock Casemates


Le Chemin de la Corniche will lead you directly to the Bock Casemates, which can be seen already from several spots around the city. This entrance is part of the subterranean defense system which is the longest in the world.

Kilometers of tunnels run through the city walls all around Luxembourg City. They provided shelter to up to 35,000 people in World War II and date back to the 17th century.

Bock is one of the 2 casemates that have been open to the public since 1933 and were added to the Unesco-world heritage list in 1994.

Now one of the most important visitor sites in Luxembourg, therefore time slots do apply and it's recommended to buy a ticket in advance.

If you're interested in learning more about the city's history this is an absolute must and also a great spot to seek shelter from the rain;)

These underground passages provide a fascinating historic refuge.

And the shooting holes also give you a unique perspective over the city from both sides.

5. Discover museums & more with the LuxembourgCard


If you also like culture you can maximize your exploration with the LuxembourgCard, granting access to the 7 museums in Luxembourg City and more than 90 unique spots throughout Luxembourg.

The card only costs €13 per person per day and you can also purchase it online for discounted rates for several days / persons.

Find out more, including all sites included in the LuxembourgCard here.

Museum of Natural History in Grund - Luxembourg
Museum of Natural History in Grund

Last year I already visited the MUDAM and Fort Thüngen museum, which I can highly recommend. However, this year I also visited several castles outside Luxembourg City with this same card, which definitely helped save money on entrance fees.

6. Warm up in Oberstadt with hot cocoa


Haute-Ville or Oberstadt is the city's origin and where most of the action is. Centred around the Grand Ducal Palace, you can easily get lost in these photogenic streets filled with lovely shops, bars and restaurants.

This is the perfect place to warm up and take a break with a cup of hot cocoa. Make sure to stop by Chocolate House or Marguerite’s for this!

These lovely venues offer several tables where you can enjoy chocolates, delicious home-made cakes and hot beverages in a cozy ambiance, or bring some home with you.

A steaming warm cup of chocolate is the perfect combo with a Luxembourg winter adventure. Made even better with the deliciously flavored chocolate dippers from Chocolate House, which were new to me!

7. Foodie hotspots & unique restaurants


Luxembourg City has a lively culinary scene with several vibrant squares, lined with cafés and restaurants.

If you wander around the Grand Duke’s Palace you will find several cocktail bars and restaurants already. But also in the Gare and Grund area, which even house several Michelin-starred restaurants like Mosconi, just steps away from our B&B.

Bazaar Bar & Restaurant in Oberstadt - Luxembourg
Bazaar Bar & Restaurant in Oberstadt

Last year I already had dinner at Pop Up Hertz and Bar Amore in Oberstadt, which I loved.

And this year we tested Bazaar Bar, Brasserie & Restaurant, an atmospheric hotspot on the Place Guillaume II, that blends Mediterranean, Greek, Persian and Lebanese cuisine into unique dishes and tapas, forming an interesting combination.

Bazaar offers different spaces to enjoy together or privately, with an extensive bar serving delicious cocktails and food from early morning til late at night.

8. Enjoy the Winterlights Festival until 7 January


No winter visit is complete without the festive spirit of Christmas markets, at least not for me!

From November the 24th Luxembourg City provides the perfect setting to wander through charming stalls, sip on mulled wine, and embrace the holiday cheer that fills the city during this magical season.

Until the 7th of January several Christmas markets can be found throughout the city, as well as live concerts, exhibitions, performances and workshops for all ages.

N.B. Do keep in mind that the markets close on Christmas Day.

Here's where to find all the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg city:

Place de la Constitution

One of the biggest of the city is the Wantermaart, situated next to the Gëlle Fra.

It has a big ferris wheel and many other festive rides for children.

My personal favourite with its lovely decorations, cute cafés with great views towards the Adolphe bridge and Pétrusse, and many stalls selling original handmade items, gifts, authentic food and delicacies.

Place d’Armes

The location of the city’s original since 1984: the Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtmaart. This winter market includes a huge X-mas tree, carousel and many lovely decorations and chalets lining this historic square.

Of course many stalls here also sell Christmas gifts, delicious local food, sweets, mulled wine and other traditional delicacies

Parc Municipal

Here you will find the Wanterpark with its outdoor ice-skating rink. A big lights heart and heart trail leads the way to this small Christmas market with mainly food stalls.


Place Guillaume II

This is also a smaller Christmas market, specially for kids and their families, with fun rides, only open during the day

Place de Paris

With daily concerts and a huge Christmas tree this winter market, located a bit outside the city center, is quite extensive. With many stalls selling delicious food, local delicacies, gifts, winter accessories and more.

And of course Christmas shopping in the city's streets with their magical decorations is a delight and lovely sight too during the winter months!

Find even more info via: VisitLuxembourg-Christmas. 

Luxembourg City in winter offers a range of experiences that make the perfect combination of history, culture, and the warmth of the season.

Whether you're exploring the historic Grund neighborhood, sipping hot cocoa in the city center, or embracing the festive atmosphere of the many Christmas markets, Luxembourg City has its charm in any season, but wintertime surely makes the historic capital even more magical!

Need even more inspo? Find other fun things to do in Luxembourg in last year's Luxembourg blogs with many more tips.


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