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Dutch affordable luxury stay on the Veluwe at Bilderberg Hotels-The Netherlands

This summer I’ve been on 7 trips in the Netherlands, ranging from city trips, to affordable luxury hotel stays, glamping experiences, beach staycations and various boat-and cycling adventures, spread out over 8 different provinces.

Find all of them on this page:

Cycling through the Veluwe-Netherlands
Cycling through the Dutch Veluwe

Obviously I love the diversity of the Netherlands and like to combine city, heritage, authenticity, exploring and relaxing, that’s why each of these trips was unique and perfect to me. But in the end it’s the combination with nature that I love the most.

Blooming heather in Garderen-Netherlands
Blooming heather in Garderen

Veluwe most unique nature area of the Netherlands

Especially in the province of Gelderland, the area where I grew up and where most of my family’s from. The Dutch province that houses several castles, museums, a palace and where one of the most unique Dutch nature areas and 4 Bilderberg hotels are located.

Bilderberg Résidence Groot Heideborgh-the Netherlands
Bilderberg Résidence Groot Heideborgh

I’ve been to ‘de Veluwe’ many times and think it should definitely be on your bucket list if you like nature, hiking, cycling, wildlife-spotting and a bit of culture as well. Especially during the months August and September, when the heather turns purple, and in autumn when the woodlands become a colorful painting.

Staycation on the Veluwe at Bilderberg hotels

Half August we revisited this lovely nature area to see the heath in full bloom with a 4 night stay at one of our favourite Dutch hotel chains that never disappoints!

Bilderberg Hotels currently have 13 different 4-star hotels, of which 4 are located in Gelderland on and around the Veluwe, and an event location in one of the most beautiful Medieval castles of the region.

Bilderberg event location Doorwerth castle-the Netherlands
Bilderberg event location at Doorwerth castle

We have been to 9 of their hotels already, all different, very unique, hospitable, gastronomic and luxurious in an affordable way. Their hotels on the Veluwe are however still my favourite for their unique locations amidst nature!

5 day affordable luxury mini vacation

If you’re looking for a mini vacation in an affordable luxury hotel in the Netherlands I can recommend their 5 day holiday package. Stay at 2 different hotels for 2 nights each, including 2 three course dinners and breakfast each day, starting from €495 all together, depending on the hotel combination and period.

Find out more on their website: Bilderberg-vijfdaagse-arrangement.

Hotel de Bilderberg Oosterbeek-the Netherlands
Hotel de Bilderberg Oosterbeek

Because we wanted to explore even more and experience each of their hotels on the Veluwe, we chose to stay 1 night at 4 different hotels.

In this blog I will showcase all of them through many of our own pics, so you can decide which one fits you best!

Bilderberg Résidence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen

This impressive building was recently renovated, with 82 rooms and 3 suites to choose from, many conference rooms, 2 different restaurants, an extensive wellness center, swimming pool and fitness facilities. Located near the quaint town Garderen and surrounded by several acres of woodland with their own sheep meadow and extensive outdoor area amidst the trees, rented out for events, company retreats and trainings. Get an impression in this gallery:

Directly behind the hotel is a big free parking and vast heathland area with extensive forest. Fortunately we didn’t have to look far for that photogenic purple heather, as immediately opposite to the hotel we already encountered this:

Right next to the hotel is ’t Veluws Zandsculpturen festijn, which you can visit for a bit of culture, or go to the nearby Klimbos for an active day on the challenging obstacle course in the woods, nice for children as well.

The perfect Veluwe cycling route

To see even more of the region we decided to rent an e-bike and received some really nice route options from the hotel. We cycled all the way from:

  • Garderen to Nieuw Milligen,

  • Radio Kootwijk,

  • to Hoog-Soeren,

  • Apeldoorn and back, as you can see in this gallery:

This lead us over good cycling paths through quiet woodland areas, past stunning purple heather fields and the transmitting station of Radio Kootwijk, a unique historic building!

Food & Wellness at Résidence Groot Heideborgh

I love the Grand Café at this Bilderberg Hotel for its casual atmosphere and big outdoor terrace with lovely views. But their a la carte restaurant is perfectly located with nice views as well. With several outdoor seating options for breakfast, and a gastronomic 3 course dinner in the evening, get an impression here:

The wellness center and unique treatments should however not be missed either. This was our 6th visit, so obviously I can highly recommend Résidence Groot Heideborgh!

You can check all of their facilities on: Residence Groot Heideborgh.

Bilderberg Hotel ‘t Speulderbos in Garderen

Located on the other end of Garderen, in a quiet forest location, including conference center, a theater and several meeting rooms. This hotel is perfect for families with their spacious family suites, a kids play room, and free stays for children up to 11 years old.

With 102 rooms, a swimming pool and 2 restaurants, this hotel offers something for everyone.

They have plenty of free parking and cycling rental options, but is also just a short walk to the village center of Garderen. And from the hotel you can walk directly into the woodland of ‘t Speulderbos, one of the oldest forests of the Netherlands.

Besides that the historic cities Amersfoort, Arnhem, Apeldoorn and the quaint town of Harderwijk are all about half an hour's drive from Garderen.

Gastronomy at Hotel ‘t Speulderbos

With a casual bistro including cozy outdoor terrace, and a spacious gastronomic restaurant with special children’s menu they cater to everyone's taste. Get an impression through these pics of the 3 course dinner we had at Hotel 't Speulderbos:

And you can check all the facilities of this Bilderberg hotel on: Hotel t Speulderbos

Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek

Located on a historic estate amidst nature, just a 15 minutes’ drive from the city of Arnhem. With free parking, 5 different room types to choose from, 2 restaurants, a swimming pool and Spa facilities, this hotel has everything you need to fully relax and enjoy nature.

We stayed in a spacious room at the frontside with all the amenities you might expect from a 4-star hotel, including air con, Nespresso machine and big balcony looking out over the estate.

Hotel de Bilderberg has several outdoor terraces with many seating options and also an extensive outdoor area for events and company trainings, as you can see in this gallery:

We rented an e-bike here as well to explore more of the surroundings, including a visit to the historic Doorwerth castle. And several other attractions such as the Julianatoren, Apenheul, and the Open Air and Kröller-Müller Museum are just a 25-35 minutes’ drive away.

Find out more in this blog: Beauty of East Holland-Veluwe.

Food at Julia’s Kitchen-Hotel de Bilderberg

Unfortunately their Italian restaurant Artusi is closed for a while, but we dined in the glass conservatory of Julia’s Kitchen, which also makes a unique setting for both dinner and breakfast.

The dishes are casual, yet tasty, and were perfectly paired with matching wines. This was our second stay, and was again a true pleasure! Get an impression of the 3 course dinner we had:

And you can check all their facilities on: Hotel de Bilderberg.

Bilderberg Hotel de Keizerskroon in Apeldoorn

This hotel has 94 rooms, most with spacious balcony, a pool, 2 different restaurants, one with an outdoor terrace as well. Quietly located in a classy neighborhood right next to the Dutch summer Palace het Loo, in a domestic area with plenty of free parking right in front of the hotel.

From here it’s just a 10 minute walk on one side into the Palace Park with impressive forests, extensive walking trails, ponds and various historic monuments spread out over the 1,600 acre estate. And on the other side you walk right into the city center of the quaint little city Apeldoorn.

Gastronomy at Kingstreet Restaurant-Hotel de Keizerskroon

Also at Hotel de Keizerskroon we had a gastronomic 3 course dinner at the in-house Kingstreet Restaurant. Known for their slow food and grill dishes prepared with fresh seasonal and local products. It's an atmospheric place with great service and excellent wine-pairing, as we're used to from other Bilderberg hotels’ restaurants.

Get an impression through this gallery:

Check all their facilities on: Hotel de Keizerskroon.

I hope I was able to show you why Bilderberg Hotels are the true definition of affordable luxury to me, with their comfortable rooms, hospitable service, great locations, excellent value for money, extensive facilities and good restaurants at each of their hotels, with various gastronomic options.

You can read all about the other Bilderberg Hotels I visited in the Netherlands so far in these blogs: Chateau Holtmuhle-Roermond, Grand Hotel Wientjes-Zwolle, Bilderberg Hotel Scheveningen, Bilderberg Hotels Amsterdam.

And more about my favourite spots on the Dutch Veluwe is coming up soon in my next blog!


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