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Nature glamping staycation Overijssel – The Netherlands

Do you like to sleep in nature, camp in the countryside or forest, but also prefer to do it in style, with a bit more comfort? Then a glamping camping could be the perfect solution for you as well!

Huttopia Trappeur glamping tent in Overijssel - the Netherlands
Huttopia Trappeur glamping tent in Overijssel - the Netherlands

I used to camp in a tent with my family 13 years in a row, every summer in Corsica, really back to basic and as pure as it gets, as the natural campsites there provided the perfect nature setting. I however never liked the fact that we didn't have sanitary facilities in our accommodation. That's also the reason why I haven’t gone camping anymore the past 10 years and usually prefer hotels.

Authentic camping or glamping with Huttopia

I do however love to be surrounded by nature and adore those natural campgrounds! That's why I’ve been looking at the unique glamping tents, chalets and villages of Huttopia for a while now, as I really like the concept and their unique nature locations.

Huttopia Trappeur glamping tent Beerze - the Netherlands

Huttopia has been opening authentic camp sites in beautiful natural sites and landscapes for 20 years now. With a total of 3 campsites and villages in the USA and Canada, and 42 spread out through France, I was thrilled to see that they recently opened in the Netherlands as well, since April this year.

Huttopia Camping de Roos in Overijssel - the Netherlands

First Huttopia campsite in the Netherlands

They chose the Dutch province Overijssel to implement their authentic concept in the unique location of Camping de Roos in Beerze. Located right next to Ommen, just 2 hours from Amsterdam and 2 hours and 10 minutes from my home.

This campsite is situated directly on the river Vecht in a typical Dutch landscape with a total of 27 acres, preserved over generations, enabling you to camp by the river or under the trees with nothing but space, peace and quiet!

Huttopia Camping de Roos by the Vecht in Overijssel - the Netherlands
Huttopia Camping de Roos Trappeur tent in Overijssel - the Netherlands

The campsite has around 280 camp spots spread out over the 27 acre nature reserve around the river, all set up spaciously, with 2 areas reserved for short stays. And they also offer a bike rental service and special hiker or cyclist packages.

There's a small shop and breakfast service on site and plenty of space to choose your preferred spot by the river, near the small beaches, kiddy area’s or amidst the trees with complete privacy. It’s also possible to stay in their fully-equipped accommodations, with a choice of the typical Huttopia Chalets, Wood and Canvas tents, with or without bathroom for the true glamping experience.

Huttopia Camping de Roos Trappeur Tents - the Netherlands
Huttopia Camping de Roos Beerze - the Netherlands

Camping and Glamping options in Overijssel

We stayed in a Trappeur tent of 25 m², with space for up to 5 persons. This tent provides the real camping experience set up spaciously in a natural spot with complete privacy, combined with all the comfort you might need, fully prepared and ready for you upon arrival!

It has several beds with comfortable mattresses, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet, a large outdoor terrace with several seating options, an outside stove and wood heater, as you can see in this gallery:

I really enjoyed our stay here end of June in comfort, while waking up to the sounds of the birds in our spacious tent, making it the epitome of authentic chicness to me!

The campgrounds of Huttopia de Roos felt safe and relaxing, and it was very nice to cycle around, while enjoying the sunsets by the river! Huttopia offers the perfect place to really wind down, relax, reconnect with nature, and have the real glamping experience, while camping in comfort and privacy. And I also love the fact that they strive for sustainability on all their campings and villages by trying to minimize their impact on the local surroundings!

Huttopia Camping de Roos Beerze - the Netherlands

Find more info about Huttopia and all their locations on:

Explore the surroundings by bike

If you want to go off site to explore more of Overijssel I can recommend to rent a bike and cycle through the impressive nature area just opposite to this campsite. Beerze has a special nature reserve of approximately 400 acres, which has been designated by Europe as Natura 2000.

Nature of Overijssel in Beerze - the Netherlands
Cornfields of Overijssel in Beerze - the Netherlands

Due to the wide variety of the area, many different plants and animals live here. You will also find beautiful old pine forests, special dune and heather areas, shifting sands, miles of cornfields and authentic farm houses all around.

Framhouses of Overijssel near Beerze - the Netherlands
Mills of Ommen in Overijssel - the Netherlands

But there are many quaint villages nearby worth a visit as well, such as Beerze itself. With only 200 inhabitants it’s very small, but characteristic for its hall house farms, some almost 300 years old, and all still in function, lived and worked in at the same time.

Hall Farmhouses of Beerze in Overijssel - the Netherlands

Sightseeing in Overijssel

Nearby towns and villages like Ommen, Vilsteren, Dalfsen, Hardenberg and Den Ham are all within cycling distance just 10-20 kms away.

Unfortunately we didn’t stay long enough to visit all of them, but you can get a small impression of the area through this gallery with shots we took along the way:

It's also nice to know that atractionpark Slagharen is just 20 kms from the campsite, and perfect to visit with kids! And if you really love heritage and nature, like I do, a visit to Giethoorn, 'Venice of the Netherlands', is a must!

Even though this does require a longer drive, 50 minutes by car 60 kms away, it was the perfect occasion for me to finally visit this popular Dutch heritage site for the first time in my life, which I can truly recommend to anyone.

Giethoorn views Overijssel - the Netherlands

We had a blast renting a private boat for 3 hours to explore this quaint village with its cute canals, authentic houses and the beautiful nature reserve and waters of Weerribben-Wieden!

Boatrental Giethoorn - Overijssel - the Netherlands

Read more about this in my next blog, or check out this page for more staycation and sightseeing tips in the Netherlands: Authentic Chic Netherlands.

Of course there's much more to explore in Overijssel and around Huttopia Camping de Roos, so we'll happily come back for more!

Trappeur glamping tent Huttopia Camping de Roos in Beerze - Overijssel - the Netherlands

In Overijssel you can still experience the authenticity of a tranquil Dutch region with unique farmhouses, friendly people and many quaint villages. And truly wind down in the typical countryside and beautiful nature of the lesser-known east of the Netherlands.

I hope that I inspired your next staycation or trip to the Netherlands, to explore my country in a more unique way, while staying in comfort and style on this beautiful glamping camping of Huttopia.

Nature of Overijssel - the Netherlands
Reconnecting with nature in Overijssel - the Netherlands


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